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Toy Crazy: 1990s WWF Hasbro Action Figures

wwfhasbroGreenCardI know we all had toys as a kid that either got destroyed or sold by your parents at a yard sale. Well, a lot of those toys go for big money on eBay. In particular, the WWF Hasbro line of toys from the 90’s.

The WWF Hasbro line had figures of recognizable fame (Hulk Hogan, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Bret Hart, Macho Man, etc) and those wrestlers even had multiple versions available to buy.

The action figure line didn’t have big names, it also had little-know personalities as Skinner, The Mountie and ‘The Model’ Rick Martel, but are common and not worth a lot.

Which figures go for over $100 when their MOC (mint on card)? The answer will surprise you. Continue reading