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The Reason Richie Incognito Became A Bully

Richie-Incognito-Miami-Dolphins-Bully-NFLWe’ve all been there before. Our parents’ attempt to dress us up for picture day at school, but within ten years, they become embarrassing. Well, pictured on the right, is Miami Dolphins bully Richie Incognito. He also suffered the same embarrassment and apparently loved lasers.

This is a picture of Richie Incognito back when he was in grade school. Clearly, he was bullied in school. He was a chubby ginger kid, the easiest target.

He allegedly bullied fellow teammate Jonathan Martin the last two seasons. I’m sure he learned his bullying techniques from his classmates firsthand.

If you bully someone, pictures like this one become public. If that doesn’t deter people from bullying others, nothing ever will.