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The Top 10 Coolest ‘Monster Jam’ Monster Trucks

Grave Digger Monster Truck monster jame tall pictureWhen I was a kid, all monster trucks looked like Bigfoot. It was an awesome truck (I even owned a little Hot Wheels Bigfoot as a kid), but there was a huge need for something new.

Grave Digger’s redesign back in the mid-80’s was revolutionary. Its¬†concept started the current trend of outrageous monster truck designs.¬†Trucks like Bigfoot will always be in demand, but Grave Digger proved that you can have an outside-of-the-box design and still be competitive.

We compiled a list of the ten coolest monster trucks currently on the ‘Monster Jam’ circuit. We think you’ll enjoy all the outrageous and odd designs that are currently attempting to crush every car in its way.

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