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Unlucky Colts Should Bail on Season

The Indianapolis Colts are currently 2-6 and have lost their last three games. The rest of the AFC South have exciting, young players and the Colts roster is just flat. They currently have one of the longest betting odds to win the Super Bowl. It could be just a matter of weeks before they are eliminated from playoff contention.

I realize the dumpster fires in Cleveland and San Francisco make the Colts look alright, but they are possibly the worst-coached team in the NFL. Indy head coach Chuck Pagano struggles to keep his team motivated. They are lucky to play three quarters a week and they find creative ways to lose games. They are long overdue for a head coaching change.

The silver lining to the early season troubles has always been that QB Andrew Luck was supposed to play soon. Well, it looks like Luck could miss the rest of the season due to lingering shoulder issues. He needed a cortisone shot shortly after a few days of throwing a football. Luck is ‘not close’ to returning to practice anytime soon.

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