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Did Justin Bieber Curse the Steelers?

Justin Bieber Cameron Heyward NFL Pittsburgh Steelers curse funny doucheJustin Bieber visited the Pittsburgh Steelers before last week’s 20-13 loss to the New York Jets. He attended a worship service and took pictures with Cam Heyward, Bruce Gradkowski and others.

Many fans of the black and yellow pointed the finger at the Biebs for their loss. I mean, if you lose to the Jets, you pretty much need some sort of supernatural stuff to blame, right?

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback (and Team Edward member) took to the airwaves and defended the tween idol. He said people often stop by during worship and it’s usually not a big deal. He said Bieber was there was because the person leading the service was mentoring him. Considering the year he’s had, he needs a lot of mentoring.

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