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The 50 Best Hip-Hop Songs of All-Time

I don’t know why I decided to tackle such a huge music genre by doing a ‘best hip-hop songs of all-time’ post.

I planned on doing a top twenty, but it would cut off way too many records. Making the list was a lot of fun, but it took quite awhile to complete. I’m also opening myself up to comments critiquing my picks. 

Please critique away, friends.

I didn’t know what exactly to name this post because ‘best’ doesn’t necessarily fit the parameters of this list. I would say this list is more of a ‘most influential’ or even ‘most iconic’ hip-hop songs of all-time. There are a few exclusions to the rule since there are some tracks on here that aren’t really influential or iconic, but are just damn great. I just went with ‘best’ to make it easy.

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