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Chad Ocho Cinco?!

There are reports coming out of Miami that Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals has legally changed his name to “Chad Ocho Cinco.” It is his way to bypass the NFL’s rule against putting nicknames on the back of the jersey. I’m not sure about the spelling yet, could he go metro and throwdown a hyphenate, Ocho-Cinco?

I don’t blame Chad Johnson for doing this, there are like five other players on the Bengals with the last name of Johnson. He is suffering from “bland name disease.” I think everyone knew someone named Chad Johnson growing up. He was probably a pretty lame kid too. I also suffer from this disease, with a name like Bobby Roberts it is bland, but unique enough to let the disease takeover. I am not a Robert Roberts, which most die from “bland name disease.”

I am all for this, maybe Chad Johnson needs to pool his money with a few other guys who have fun nicknames and restart the XFL. I think Rod Smart needs a job, so we could have the resurrection of “He Hate Me.”

Best Jersey Nickname Ever

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