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Barack Obama’s White Boy

After a few failed presidential campaigns and the butt of many jokes, it looks like Sen. Joe Biden has actually taken a leap in power. The rumor is that he is the Vice-Presidential pick of Barack Obama’s in this year’s U.S. Presidential race. Biden is a safe choice and is a very lucky man.

Biden beat out Evan Bayh from my home state of Indiana. Bayh has been the “sexy” pick to be either a future presidential nominee or vice-presidential pick since he delivered the key-note speech at the 1996 Democratic Convention. His major downfall was actually his wife, many have compared him to Bill Clinton, as his wife may have had a past of “shady” business transactions. I would personally compare him to a Democratic George W. Bush, only because it seemed like his rise to political fame was due to nepotism. His father was a popular politician in Indiana and the road to a career in politics was already paved for him.

Sen. Joe Biden is the safe candidate. He doesn’t have any scandals in his past nor does he have a wife that would pose a threat. I know that a sure road to the presidency would be naming Hillary Clinton as the VP, but I think that would pose a threat to Obama in the long run. Sen. Clinton seems to have her own interests ahead of anyone else’s, so it would pose as a clear threat to power during his possible term as president.

I want to name Sen. Joe Biden as the temporary title of “America’s White Boy.” If rural America is afraid of voting for an African-American man for President, their fears have to be chilled a little by the naming of Joe Biden as VP. How can you be afraif of this man? He is very liberal with the hand gestures. He gets my vote!

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