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2013 MLB Team Preview: Cleveland Indians

Ricky+Vaughn+Charlie+Sheen+Major+League+Cleveland+IndiansAll the familiar faces are gone in Cleveland. You won’t find Grady Sizemore stealing the hearts of women in the stands, Travis Hafner selling Pronk Bars while on the disabled list or Fausto Carmona, I mean Roberto Hernandez trying to find a new identity.

Terry Francona is the new major for the Cleveland Indians. He brings baggage from how his Red Sox tenure ended…and Daisuke Matsuzaka. He doesn’t have as much pressure on him to succeed, which will be something new for him.

Will high priced free agents Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn produce in their first season with the Tribe?

Will Jason Kipnis and Asdrubal Cabrera lead the Indians to an improbable playoff berth?

Here is the 2013 MLB season preview for the Cleveland Indians. Continue reading

Fantasy God – Grady Sizemore

The Indians are not having the spectacular season many experts predicted that they would have. They are currently on an 8-game winning streak, but they are still double-digits behind the leader of the AL Central. Cleveland does have a long bright spot this season, Grady Sizmore. He has mostly been more flash than substance in the past few seasons, but this year with Travis Hafner out, he has been the run-producing beast he was expected to eventually become.

The ladies have always loved Grady Sizemore, but this season fantasy owners are even starting to propose marriage to the Cleveland center-fielder. Last night he joined the 30/30 club, but hitting two homers in a Indians victory. Over the past few seasons he has seen his power numbers and stolen bases increase, but his batting average has taken a trend downward. He is receiving less pitches to hit, if Cleveland can get a power guy hitting behind him, Sizemore should see more walks and less strikeouts.

Sizemore is on pace to have better than a 35/35 season, but not quite a 40/40, unless he goes on a tear in the last few weeks of the season. The Indians should be a better team next season with a healthy Hafner and bringing up Matt Laporta, the gem of the C.C. Sabathia trade. Ben Francisco has shown potential along with possible 2009 closer Jensen Lewis.

Sizemore has been the definition of healthy and has played every game the last few seasons. If he can keep consistent and play at this high of a level, he could be due a large contract in the near future. He does have that “star” quality the Yankees love to have, by the time he is a free agent, Derek Jeter could be on his last legs. The New York media would love to follow him around and lead with him on Page Six.Grady Sizemore will not flame out over the next few years. The wear and tear of him playing everyday shouldn’t bother him. Progressive Field isn’t on Astro-turf, so the “Andre Dawson effect” shouldn’t take effect, so his knees wouldn’t turn into rust by season 10. Sizemore has fun in Cleveland, at this very moment he could have any woman he wants in Ohio, that must be a great feeling.

This could be my last “Fantasy God” post in reference to baseball this season. The head-to-head leagues are going to be in playoff mode and it’s about too late to make a huge move in roto leagues. Fantasy Football drafts are in swing, so expect an almost weekly addition once the football season gets underway.

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