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Song Of The Day – TBDBITL (Hang On Sloopy)

For the people who haven’t lived in Columbus, OH, you might be wondering what “TBDBITL” stands for. The Ohio State marching band calls themselves “The Best Damn Band In The Land,” which is a long acronym, but they mean their business. I picked this as the “Song Of The Day,” mainly because they have little to no chance at winning their game against USC. They play each other at 8pm on Saturday night in Los Angeles, CA. I almost put USC’s fight song here, but I couldn’t do it, even though I do like their song.

I will leave my Ohio State/USC analysis for another post, but I thought that I could just put “Hang On Sloopy” as a sign of good faith. This song isn’t Ohio State’s fight song, but it is probably more recognizable than their actual fight song.

I’m not a huge fan of TBDBITL for one reason, I dislike their tuba players. I lived next door for a couple of them when I first moved here and they had tuba practice at their house. Any random saturday you would hear a stampede of tuba sounds coming out of their house. Also, they do this thing called “script Ohio, which they spell out “Ohio” in cursive on the field. It is tradition that a tuba player dots the “i’, but only a few notable Ohio State alumni have dotted the ‘i’ that were not tuba players (i.e. Jack Nicklaus, Woody Hayes). The tuba players that I lived next to had the license plate of “IDOT08” and “IDOT09,” which is too close to IDIOT in my book.

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