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Song Of The Day – Newton Faulkner (Dream Catch Me)

I know, I know…why am I putting the spotlight on a white boy with the #1 white boy offense, white man dreadlocks. I held off on listening to Newton Faulkner for this reason, but I stumbled upon a song of his called “Dream Catch Me.” I have really fond of this song for really unknown reasons. I have listened to the rest of his debut album, “Hand Built By Robots” and I haven’t found anything else on the album close to the quality of “Dream Catch Me.”

I will let Mr. Faulkner off the hook for his dreads only for the fact that he is British and sometimes they are a little quirky. If he was from Des Moines, Iowa, I would put him “On Notice” and send a formal letter to Stephen Colbert to announce it on his program.

This song charted all over Europe last year at this time, but was pretty much left alone over here in the States. Newton Faulkner has some talent and maybe his next album will have some popularity over here, if he does something about that rat nest on his head.

Here is the audio for “Dream Catch Me.”

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