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Bronson Arroyo Loves His Beef

Since I now live in Ohio, I get to see plenty of Reds games (I wish the Cubs played them more.) Anyways, there are some hilarious commercials for J.T.M. Beef, a sponsor of the Reds games. It starts Chris Welsh, a former Reds player and current color commentator for some Reds games, and Bronson Arroyo. Arroyo plays guitar and sings a pretty intense jingle about beef. Anyone who watches these commercials needs to watch it until the end, Arroyo gives the camera a weird look at the end of each video. I need to find the JTM Taco Mix commercial, I just saw it today and it was hilarious.

This is the J.T.M. Beef Hoagie Commercial.This is the JTM Steakhouse Angus Commercial

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