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2012 MLB: National League Predictions

It was not a good off-season for the National League. A few stars start off the season on the DL (Ryan Howard, Chris Carpenter, & Tim Hudson) and they lost a few notable stars to the American League (Prince Field & Albert Pujols). This could be the year that the youth emerge and take over the league. The NL is loaded with young talent which makes this league pretty difficult to predict. You have teams that a few keys injuries could derail them (Cardinals, Brewers, & Phillies), but you have teams that could finally put it together and surprise everyone (Nationals & Pirates). Will the Cy Young go to a member of the Giants or Phillies? Can another NL Wild-Card team make it to the World Series? Here are my NL predictions for the 2012 Major League Baseball season.

NL Cy Young – Matt Cain

NL Rookie Of The Year – Devin Mesoraco

NL MVP – Justin Upton

NL East
Philadelphia Phillies – 95-67
Atlanta Braves – 91-71
Washington Nationals – 84-78
New York Mets – 75-87
Florida Marlins – 72-90

I could see three or four of these teams still in the race for the division in early August. The Phillies will miss Ryan Howard, the Braves will get more production from Jason Heyward, and the Nationals’ young talent will start to blossom. The Mets and Marlins have the best stadiums in the division, but not the best players on the field.

NL Central
Cincinnati Reds – 90-72
Milwaukee Brewers – 85-77
St. Louis Cardinals – 81-81
Pittsburgh Pirates – 81-81
Chicago Cubs – 65-97
Houston Astros – 50-112

The talent in the division really took a hit with the extraction of Fielder and Pujols. Milwaukee and St. Louis will miss their stars, but will still have decent years. The Reds have a talented line-up and I like their starting rotation more than in the past. The Cubs and Astros will fill basement, with Houston vying for the worst record in MLB history.

NL West
Arizona Diamondbacks – 98-64
San Francisco Giants – 90-72
Los Angels Dodgers – 79-82
San Diego Padres – 75-87
Colorado Rockies – 68-94

Arizona was a surprise team last year and I like them even more with Jason Kubel. The Giants have Buster Posey back and will be improved offensively. The Dodgers, Padres, and Rockies didn’t do enough to improve their rosters…plus the NL West plays the improved AL West this season.

NL Wildcard – Braves & Giants

NL Champions – San Francisco Giants

The NLCS will be an amazing pitching contest between the Giants vs. Phillies. I like both of their staffs, but I am looking for Madison Bumgarner to have a breakout season. If Posey can stay healthy, the Giants would win that series in seven games.

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2012 MLB: American League Predictions

The American League had a productive off-season, in which they added two of the best players in the game, Albert Pujols & Prince Fielder. If you rank the best teams in the Majors, most of the best teams are in the AL. You have the mainstays like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rangers, but you have up-and-coming teams like the Royals and Blue Jays. This league has a nice combination of young talent and established veterans. The teams are deep and can pick guys out of their farm system to fill any holes, which is a huge luxury. The AL isn’t all great, since the Orioles and Twins expected to have bad seasons. Which teams will make the playoffs? Who will win the AL Cy Young and MVP awards? Will a mid-season call-up win the Rookie Of The Year?

AL Cy Young  – Jared Weaver

AL Rookie Of The Year – Jacob Turner

AL MVP – Robinson Cano

AL East
New York Yankees – 97-65
Boston Red Sox – 95-67
Toronto Blue Jays – 85-77
Tampa Bay Rays – 84-81
Baltimore Orioles – 60-102

The biggest surprise here is that the Rays are in 4th place. I think the Blue Jays are a better team this year and will be able to win close games. This is not a knock on the Rays, it is more about how much I like Toronto. The Red Sox will bounce back and contend with the Yankees for the division crown.

AL Central
Detroit Tigers – 99-63
Kansas City Royals – 82-81
Chicago White Sox – 80-82
Cleveland Indians – 74-88
Minnesota Twins – 59-103

The Tigers are going to be a beast this year and they will run away with the division. There will be a crowded middle of the division, in which I like the Royals young roster to finally start to peak. The Indians will come back to life and fall down a few spots. The White Sox and Twins will end up about where they were at the end of 2011 season.

AL West
Texas Rangers – 94-68
L.A. Angels – 92-70
Oakland A’s – 76-86
Seattle Mariners – 70-92

The Rangers and Angels made some moves this off-season and this race will be cut-throat. Pujols and C.J. Wilson will help the Angels, but the Rangers return a great team that nearly won the World Series. Yoenis Cespedes will help Oakland, but they are still a work in progress. I expect the Mariners to sell off a few pieces at the trading deadline and keep adding young talent.

AL Wild Card – Red Sox & Angels

AL Champions – Los Angeles Angels

They don’t have the best rotation 1 thru 5, but I really like a short 3-man rotation in the playoffs. This is one of the many cases where a wild-card winner will make the World Series.

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NL Central Preview

NL Central Projections
Cubs – 99-63
Brewers – 88 74
Astros – 83-79
Cardinals- 78-84
Reds – 73-89
Pirates – 59-103

I know people reading this will probably think that I am being a “homer” by predicting the Chicago Cubs having a good year. I have been a Cubs fan since I was born, but I am usually the first person to say if we’re going to have a bad season. I am a fan, but I am extremely critical. I try not to have a bias when i write any material on the Cubs and I think I am being true about my prediction on the NL Central.

Chicago Cubs – The Cubs had to rally to win the NL Central last season. The Brewers had a lock on the division until the last month of the season. The Cubs pitching was key over the entire season. Only the Padres allowed fewer runs last season and they play on a field that could be considered as a county itself. Once the winds die down in May, the pitching should be solid. The addition of Kosuke Fukudome is a question mark, but could pan out. They needed another outfielder last year, but couldn’t pull the trigger on a deal before the trading deadline. Cliff Floyd and Matt Murton weren’t very good options and Fukudome should be solid. The 2nd base position is there biggest flaw. Mark DeRosa isn’t an everyday player, but very good as a platoon. A deal for the Orioles Brian Roberts have been rumored for months, but the Cubs are shy about parting ways with many key prospects. If the Cubs get off to a slow start this season, look for Roberts to be in Chicago by the All-Star break. If Soriano, Ramirez, Zambrano, and Lee stay healthy, the Cubs are the team to beat in the Central.

Milwaukee Brewers – Milwaukee has had the best farm system the past few years and it’s about time for them to shine. They proved their depth in prospects by bring up a few players that proved to be worth their shot in the major leagues. Braun, Hart, Hardy, and Gallardo had good seasons last year and should improve this year with a little experience under their belt. Their big question mark is at 2nd base. Rickie Weeks is a high-touted prospect and he had his shot last season to play every day. He started out with a bang and had a good couple months of the season. Weeks started to slump and he never regained his early-season form. The Brewers ended up sending him back down to the minors for awhile and brought him back up at the end of the season. Weeks needs to last an entire season of the Brewers hope to contend. The pitching staff could see a few more additions this season. Sheets and Gallado are a solid #1 and #2 starters, but the rest of the staff is weak.

St. Louis Cardinals – The Cardinals started to look their age last season. Larussa started to lose his team a little at the end. They got rid of Scott Rolen and Jim Edmunds in the offseason. They hope Chris Duncan and Rick Ankiel can boost their lineup with Pujols rumored to be struggling through injuries this offseason. Adam Wainwright should have a good season this year. He started to really pitch well towards the middle to end of last season. The Cardinals may need this year to see what they have. They are putting the pieces together, since they traded some of their prospects away when they were building their World Series team.

Houston Astros – The Astros have been pretty active this offseason. Miguel Tejada was acquired this offseason just a few days before his name was mentioned in the Mitchell Report. The Astros are getting younger, but their talent has kept at a high level. Hunter Pence was a nice surprise last season. He ended up missing some time due to injury, but he plays hard every play. The Astros ended their ties with the erratic Brad Lidge and picked up Jose Valverde, which is much more dependable. The Astros also landed Kaz Matsui in free agency. He had a comeback season last year with the Rockies and will help Houston with speed. Speed should be the overall theme of the Astros offense, even Carlos Lee will steal some bases to keep the runners moving.

Cincinnati Reds – Cincinnati added manager Dusty Baker, who has led the his last two teams (Giants, Cubs) to the playoffs. The Reds are not overly optimistic about this season, but their future looks very bright. Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Edinson Volquez, and Johnny Cueto are the four glimpses of what the future could be in Cincinnati. Volquez was a key piece of the trade that sent Josh Hamilton to the Rangers. Dunn and Griffey Jr. are still great power hitters and put runs on the board. Look for the Reds to be competitive in most games, but they are focused on the future.

Pittsburgh Pirates – It has been a long time since Pittsburgh has seen October, even late September. They have a great park, PNC Park, and the fans are yearning for something to cheer about. After saying that, I still don’t think the fans in Pittsburgh will be cheering much this season. As usual, the fans will be looking forward to football season by June. Jason Bay had an off-year last year, but many teams could be interested in him. The Pirates could end up moving him by the trading deadline for some much-needed prospects.

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.