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Song Of The Day – Serj Tankian (Sky Is Over)

I have had the opportunity to talk with Serj Tankian on a couple of occasions. I had a music website for a few years and Serj was probably the most affluent speaker that I interviewed. He was so knowledgeable about world politics. He was very passionate about having the U.S. acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, in which a large number of people of Armenian descent were killed in Turkey around World War II. He lost people in his family and many of Armenians here in the U.S. do no know anyone in their family older than their own parents.

I admit that one of my interviews with Serj was never released online. I was so busy with college that I used one of the interviews strictly for a journalism assignment. I figured that I had connections and I wanted a good grade, so I called in a few favors and interviewed Serj for an assignment. He had a System Of A Down album set to release and was doing rounds of interviews. I ended up with an ‘A’ on the article, still not sure if my professor ended up buying System Of A Down – “Toxicity.” She should have, it was probably the best rock album released that year.

The song of the day is Serj Tankian’s “Sky Is Over.” The video is pretty cool, plus it has a political theme about everyday civilization being over as we know it.

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