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Sweetbob’s Update from the Disabled List

I have been playing injured for the last few months. I’ve had neck issues that left me with a numb right arm and various other problems. I finally had surgery two weeks ago and I’m feeling a lot better.

Which surgery did I have, you ask? To put it in layman’s terms, I had the Peyton Manning special. I have two separate spinal fusions in the cervical area of my spine, a few discs removed, and they cleaned up a bunch of bone spurs that were causing pressure on my spinal cord.

I’ve had neck issues since high school and it was something that just progressively got worse. I am really curious and anxious of what I can accomplish with a neck that is near 100%. I hope to sign a multi-year contract to be the quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

I want to thank everyone for their kind messages…and all of your comments about my sweet “not a single f*ck given” beard.

Expect the usual snarky banter from me, since I hope to run a few gambling and fantasy football posts this week. Until then, check out another site that I help with,


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Pray For Dante Love

I was watching the game against Indiana and Ball State on the Big Ten Network on Saturday night and it was turning into a really entertaining game. Nate Davis and Dante Love were looking good and were looking forward to getting the school’s first ever victory over a BCS team. Everything went from great to scary in the 2nd quarter.

Love caught a pass from Davis for a short gain, Love put his helmet down to get a few extra yards when the Indiana cornerback did the same and they collided helmet to helmet. Love instantly lost the ball and his whole body went limp. Indiana picked up the ball and went in for the touchdown, but no one really cared. Love laid lifeless near the sideline. He stayed there for over 15 minutes while the medical staff attended to him, they even called his parents from the stands to be with him. They took unscrewed the facemask off his helmet and put him on a board. As they took him off the field on a golfcart he never moved, not even a thumbs up from the crowd that most hoped for. They took him to a hospital in Bloomington and then they transferred him to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

Ball State ended up winning this game and instead of an upbeat press conference after the game, Brady Hoke, Ball State’s head coach, said a short statement and went to see his star wide-receiver at the hospital. There wasn’t any word from the university after the game about Love other than he felt “tingling and numbness.”

This afternoon more about Love’s injuries came out, he is lucky to be alive. He underwent five-hour back surgery to stabilize a cervical spinal fracture. He is said to be moving arms and legs and is currently in the critical care unit.

I went to college at Ball State for a year, I loved the school, but didn’t fit what I needed at the time. The football program has never done anything at all. The most famous Ball State alumni that went onto the NFL is a punter, if that tells you anything. Dante Love is a huge reason for the recent success that Ball State has seen over the last three years. No word if this ends his potential pro career, but that isn’t important at the moment. He needs to focus on getting better and hopefully he doesn’t have any complications from this injury in the future. I hope the best for Love and for all his friends and family who needs everyone’s support right now.

Get well soon Dante Love.

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.