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Song Of The Day – Kanye West (Love Lockdown)

Kanye West is becoming a polarizing figure. Either you love him or you hate the guy, but he does have talent that you can’t hate on. I saw him close out the Video Music Awards on MTV with a new song called “Love Lockdown.” I didn’t like it when he performed it live, mostly because it was completely different from what I expected. I thought that he would jump his new album off with a club anthem, but this song sounds like something that could possibly be a cross-over hit into top 40, indie, and possible alternative radio. I heard “Love Lockdown” on the radio on my way to work yesterday and I changed my mind. I think the studio track did it for me and he’ll have another platinum album.

West’s new album is coming out in a few months, just a week after 50 Cent’s newest release. It was last year when West put a beating on Fiddy that week. It should be about time for Fiddy to come out with an amazing club anthem if he wants to compete this time around.

Here is the audio for “Love Lockdown.”

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