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2008 Men’s College Basketball – All-Name Team

Not everyone can have the last name ‘Jordan’ or ‘Chamberlain’, some of us have to go through life with a pretty ridiculous name. Most of these names are pretty rough to grow up with, but some are names you wish you may have, especially if you are named something bland like Joe Smith or Bobby Roberts.

Once again this year the lesser-known Division I teams make up the majority of the list, keep up the good recruiting work.

Woody Payne – G – Detroit
Scoop Jardine – G – Syracuse
Cashmere Wright – G – Cincinnati
Idong Ibok – C – Michigan State
Pawel Kielbasa – F – Chicago State
Chop Tang – F – Wisconsin-Green Bay
Hyman Taylor – C – San Francisco
Beloved Rogers – G – Oral Roberts
Chief Kickingstallionsims – C – Alabama State
King Cannon – F – Central Arkansas
Picasso Simmons – G – Murray State
Tweety Carter – G – Baylor
Lex Mongo – G – Massachusetts
Ookie Clayton – G – Tennessee-Martin

and of course…

Lil’ Romeo – G – USC

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