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Song Of The Day – Chris Cornell (Billie Jean)

American Idol’s David Cook just added some much needed juice to Chris Cornell’s solo career. Cornell’s solo album came out last year and it hasn’t sold very well. He was probably looking at a Soundgarden reunion tour, but Cook just sang Cornell’s version of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” I know, it’s like a version of a version of a version, but the only thing that matters is that Cook did an amazing job. Cornell should profit from this ’cause his version of “Billie Jean” is on his new album, “Carry On.”

I know all the judges on American Idol praised Cook for his originality and for “going out on a limb,” but listen to Cornell’s version, it’s not any different. Cornell actually sings the song much better, but don’t tell the normal 13-18 year old female watching Mr. Cook on “Idol.”

Here is Cornell’s version.

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