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NCAA Football – Week 4 Betting Picks

I did some research this week and I like a lot of games this week. The games taking place on or around September 26th has some nice bets for you guys out there. Mississippi is barely favored against South Carolina, how can that happen? I know the flu has hit the Rebels, but can that shave a touchdown off the score? See what that line is and what my picks are against the spread for Week 4 of the college football season.

I left Notre Dame off of my picks this week because they are completely unreadable. A different squad appears on the field every week. They lost Malcolm Floyd and Jimmy Clausen has turf toe, they could beat Purdue, but they are favored by 7 points in West Lafayette. I would just stay away from that game, both teams are bound for either a collapse or a big game. That is the riskiest play of the week.

Mississippi (-3) at South Carolina (+3)My pick is Mississippi

I know that Mississippi said that a lot of the team has flu-like symptoms, but they are a top 5 team. South Carolina have looked a little ugly this season, but I like the Rebels in this game. Out of all of my football picks, I like this one the best. Try to get in early on this game, I think this line will move toward Ole Miss by gameday.

Missouri (-7.5) at Nevada (+7.5)My pick is Missouri

Nevada looked horrible last week and really haven’t played good this year. Missouri has steam-rolled teams and doesn’t look like they miss Chase Daniel or Jeremy Maclin. I like Mizzou a lot in this game.

Wake Forest (-2) at Boston College (+2)My pick is Wake Forest

Speaking of teams that have looked horrible, I believe BC is in the group. wake Forest has played okay, but I see them winning this game by a field goal to a touchdown in New England.

Illinois (+14) at Ohio State (-14)My pick is Ohio State

The Buckeyes played very good against Toledo and finally showed me something this year. Illinois is very bad, plus they are either getting hurt or suspended, so morale is low for Illinois. Ohio State has something to prove and will win this game easily.

Pittsburgh (+1) at NC State (-1)My pick is Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has played very good this year and had a nice win against Navy last week. NC State has also showed some signs, but I like Pitt in this game. The Panthers’ offense is up-tempo and will put up points.

Washington State (+45) at USC (-45)My pick is Washington State

Washington State isn’t washington, so don’t expect an upset here, but 45 points is awfully high for USC’s offense at this point in the year. USC will win this game easily, but I don’t see them covering.

Louisville (+14) at Utah (-14)My pick is Utah

Lousville had a nice showing against Kentucky and Utah’s offense flowed against Oregon, but fell short. I like Utah in this game, Louisville was a 14-point dog against a bad Kentucky team. Utah is a better team than Kentucky and will cover.

Colorado State (+15) at BYU (-15)My pick is BYU

BYU had a bad game against Florida State, but they will bounce back against Colorado State. The Cougars were over-matched by the speed of the Seminoles and Colorado State doesn’t have the speed to beat BYU.

Miami (-3) at Virginia Tech (+1)My pick is Miami

I didn’t know what kind of team the Hurricanes were until last week. I am sold on them and they will go into Blacksburg and beat Va Tech. The Hokies caught a lucky pass to squeak by last week, something that won’t happen against the Hurricanes.

Minnesota (+2.5) at Northwestern (-2.5)My pick is Minnesota

Northwestern lost to Syracuse and Minnesota lost to Jahvid Best, oh yeah, I guess the entire California team too. Northwestern will be able to run all over Minnesota and win this game.

I hope you enjoy our picks. They are for entertainment purposes and please bet responsibly.

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