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Song Of The Day – Metallica (The Day That Never Comes)

Metallica haven’t been the same since Lars Ulrich pissed off millions of internet users by threatening lawsuits if caught downloading any of their material. Their new album, “Death Magnetic,” has been leaked around the internet and Ulrich came out by saying that the more people who listen to this album, the better. He has either changed his tune or realize that their new album is a lot better than their last few.

I have received a copy of “Death Magnetic” and I enjoy it. I’m not sure how many singles will be released off this album, since 95% of the tracks are over 6 1/2 minutes long. Whatever they release will be played all over rock radio, but as far as top 40 radio goes, they tend to shy away from anything that length. A huge tour should follow the release of “Death Magnetic,” and I’m sure they will have a few bands on the bill to make the tickets expensive.

I like their video for “The Day That Never Comes.” It has a theme that is both anti-war and pro-troops. I think it is a good stand to take in today’s very political world. Here is the video for “The Day That Never Comes.”

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