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Toby Gerhart Has a Hot Girlfriend

Toby Gerhart’s wait to be drafted into the NFL lasted until the middle of the 2nd round. He should be a decent back in Minnesota’s offense, he’s very physical, but most of America, especially sports bloggers, took notice of Toby Gerhart’s girlfriend. I dig deep into the blogosphere to find her identity.

Well, i didn’t have to dig too deep. I went to one of my favorite blogs (SPORTSbyBROOKS) and found out the beautiful lady’s name. Her name is Meredith Ayres and she’s a swimmer from Stanford. Apparently, she has a thing for two-sports stars. Maybe if it doesn’t work out with Gerhart, she can call up Deion Sanders or Brian Jordan.

Here are a few more pictures of the lovely Meredith Ayres.

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