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The Midwest Is The Most Sexually Satisfied

Men’s Health magazine just came out with a survey that may surprise you. They polled to find out what city in America is the most sexually satisfied. Indianapolis, Indiana came in #1, with Columbus, Ohio #2, and Fort Wayne, Indiana in at #3. You know this makes America’s White Boy feel good, really good. As you may know, I’m an Indiana boy. I lived in Fort Wayne for a few years and I recently moved to Columbus, OH. I have been searching for reasons why this was a good move and I think Men’s Health helped me justify my move.

Men’s Health has been brutal towards Fort Wayne in the past and the results in this poll is surprising for that reason. They named Fort Wayne the “Fattest City,” due to the amount of fast food restaurants per capita and also the “Dumbest City,” for the amount of jobs that do not require a college degree. I can agree with the “Fattest City” part, not against my Fort Wayne ladies, but there are a few out there that would consider to be on the chubby end of the pie chart.

Columbus can thank me later for my migration to this wonderful city, I’m sure it made being #2 possible. Columbus is used to be being #2, Ohio State in men’s basketball and football, at least a Florida city wasn’t #1.

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