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45 Bands You’ll Know After SXSW: Part 2

This is the second part of my three-part post featuring the artists that will breakout of SXSW with a lot of buzz. A lot of musicians play at SXSW in hopes of showcasing their talents in front of the music industry elite. I posted the first 15 bands yesterday. I will introduce (or re-introduce) you to ’45 Bands That You’ll Know After SXSW.’ Here’s the second group of 15 bands that you’ll hear more about in the near future.

Band – Grimes
Song – ‘Oblivion’
Sounds Like: Zola Jesus, Beach House & Sleep Over

Grimes is the stage name of French Canadian artist, Claire Boucher. She incorporates visual art, dance, and video during her live performances. She has released four albums since 2010, she’s has been busy lady. Grimes is a mixture of a lot of artists, with some Enya & Aphex Twin being two of her biggest influences. It is hard to determine her genre, but if you catch her show, you’ll be introduced to a few that you’re not expecting.

Band – Hoodie Allen
Song – ‘#WhiteGirlProblems’
Sounds Like: Chiddy Bang, Asher Roth, & Mac Miller

Hoodie Allen (Steven Markowitz) is a Brooklyn-born frat-rapper. He has garnered some buzz on Twitter by naming a song that contains a hashtag. He has been featured on MTU and has appeared on Billboard’s Uncharted Territory for indie artists. If you like the frat-rap genre, he’s one of the best new guys in the genre.

Band – J.D. McPherson
Song – ‘North Side Gal’
Sounds Like: Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears, early Elvis, & Ray Charles

McPheron’s retro-rockability style is a breath of fresh air in the indie music genre. You can tell that a lot of his influence comes from rockabilly, early Motown, and Elvis Presley. His album ‘Signs & Signifiers” will be released on April 17th on Rounder Records. If he’s in a town near you, check him out…I’m not just saying that because I feel like this song is about a cute Chicago Cubs fan.

Band – Mariah McManus
Song – ‘Say It Again’
Sounds Like: Sara Bareilles, Taylor Swift, & Anna Nalick

McManus is only 19 years old, but her sound is a mixture of Imogen Heap and Portishead, with Taylor Swift’s innocence. Her songs are about a teenager navigating the world, but her mature voice doesn’t land her in the “tween pop” genre. Her songs are like candy-coated honesty…which I would eat.

Band – Royal Teeth
Song – ‘Wild’
Sounds Like: Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend & Passion Pit

Royal Teeth is 1980s New Wave meets indie dance pop. It is a cretive style of music and will be accepted by a very wide audience. They have on released one synth-infused EP, ‘Act Naturally,’ with an LP in the works. They pride themselves on being themselves and if the audience responds, it is really easy.

Band – Mmoths
Song – ‘Heart’
Sounds Like: Neon Indian, Air Tycoon & St. Lucia

Mmoths (Jack Colleran) is an 18-year old producer that signed his record deal on the same day that he graduated high school. He released his debut EP on March 5th and features a lot of guest artist, because he doesn’t sing. The track ‘Heart’ features Keep Shelly In Athens, her voice compliments Mmoths’ airy and calming synth tracks.

Band – Little Lo
Song – ‘Wounded Knee’
Sounds Like: The Arcade Fire, Okkervil River, & The Polyphonic Spree

They will be right at home in Austin, Texas, because that is where they call home. The local music scene is quite congested and it takes great talent to shine there. The Arcade Fire is a popular band and this sextet omits large doses of their sound. The SXSW fans will love the energy in the room, especially since they will have local fans there to help fuel the band.

Band – Library Voices
Song – ‘Generation Handclap’
Sounds Like: Rabbit!, Fleet Foxes, & Ra Ra Riot

This is one of a few Canadian bands to make my list. They are well-represented in Austin this year. They are a seven-piece pop collective from Saskatchewan. They use vintage organs, circuit bent electronics, accordion, saxophone, theremin, and even a glockenspiel. They are an eclectic band with a nice mainstream indie sound.

Band – Hands
Song – ‘Warm Night Home’
Sounds Like: The Shins, Band Of Horses, & Beirut

These very technical musicians have a nice and unique tempo. THey use auxiliary drum beats looped with guitar riffs. It is a very fresh sound and if you’re a fan of The Shins, you’ll enjoy Hands. They will be opening for Deehoof, DeVotchKa, and Foster The People in 2012.

Band – Imagine Dragons
Song – ‘It’s Time’
Sounds Like: Neon Trees, The Temper Trap & Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

This Vegas quintet’s debut dropped in February on Interscope Records. It was produced by Alex da Kid and will make an impact on the charts. They have already opened for mainstream acts like Weezer, Interpol, and Blue October. They will be touring some festivals to get their name out there and gain even more buzz about their band.

Band – Kat Edmonson
Song – ‘Lucky’
Sounds Like: Kate Nash, Regina Spektor, & Feist

Edmonson is a former contestant on ‘American Idol,’ but only made the Top 48 Hollywood round. She was 19 and still trying to find her sound. She has performed with Willie Nelson and even opened up for Smokey Robinson. Her sound is simple and honest, something that Feist has perfected.

Band – Love Inks
Song – ‘Blackeye’
Sounds Like: Warpaint, Washington, & Seapony

Love Inks is a minimalist pop band with a sexual electronic sound. Their focus is primarily on the voice, which is “direct and honest.” Warpaint has a cult following and once they hear “Blackeye,” they will be lining up to see them.

Band – Outernational
Song – ‘Fighting Song’
Sounds Like: Gogol Bordello, The Clash & post-punk protest music

Outernational is a New York that have collaborated with Tom Morrello, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Calle 13. They have friends in high places and it will pay off very soon. They have had a lot of buzz about them over the last few years. A lot of their music deals with social injustices and political commentary. They have a lot to say and it is very entertaining.

Band – Rockwell Knuckles
Song – ‘Play Catch’
Sounds Like: Vandalyzm, Black Spade, & Freddie Gibbs

You have to respect a guy that likens his rapping style to Kenny Powers. “The whole project has an aggressive, non-apologetic, abrasive (vibe).” I guess he wants to verbally throw a fast ball in your ears and then give you the finger when you walk back to the dugout. He is the best rapper to come out of St. Louis in awhile and he will gain a bigger a national audience after his appearance at SXSW.

Band – Matt Corby
Song – ‘Brother’
Sounds Like: Bon Iver, Boy & Bear & Nick Drake

Corby had an unusual start to his career, he appeared on an Australian reality television show. He spent most of his 20s gaining experience as a songwriter and after selling out shows in London, he was showcased at last year’s SXSW. In November, he released an EP, ‘Into The Flame.’ He scheduled to do a national tour and then back to Australia. I’d advise that you catch him while he’s in the States.


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