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A-Rod – Desperate Housewives Edition

There are reports that Alex Rodriguez and have allegedly split up. I can’t say that this is surprising, but for a extremely rich athlete who is in the public eye as A-Rod is, it’s hard to keep a marriage together. There are rumors that A-Rod has been seeking the solace of Madonna and his wife has been spending a lot of time with Lenny Kravitz. Really? Is A-Rod imitating Jose Canseco’s career to a tee? Canseco was link with Madonna years ago and both have also been linked to a certain “pharmaceutical” craze in baseball as well.

I can’t remember a more polarizing figure in baseball than Alex Rodriguez. Curt Schilling is very polarizing, but the Red Sox are a lovable team and it saves him from receiving even more scrutiny than he already does. Schilling has one thing going for him, he’s actually had success in the post-season, something A-Rod hasn’t accomplished. The next time the Yankees make the post-season, A-Rod can do himself a favor and carry his team to a World Series championship and save himself from a lot of the bad press he receives.

I think being single could be a good thing for Rodriguez. Imagine what kind of action he could get with Derek Jeter working as a wingman or “bro.” He can take care of a slump the old fashion way and take one for the team, a.k.a. “Slumpbuster.”

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