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Song Of The Day – Run Kid Run (We’ve Only Just Begun)

While I was researching yesterday’s “Song Of The Day,” I ran across some nice information. Run Kid Run, a band that I just recently found, is made up of members of a band that I used to love, Side Walk Slam. Run Kid Run’s album, “Love At The Core,” is a nice, energetic album that is worth a listen.

I will save you from my usual “I love Tooth & Nail Records” rant, ’cause it happened yesterday. I will say that their bands usually play nationwide at very accessible venues and put on great shows. Most of the bands tend to tour together, so you end up seeing a few bands for a cheap price.

Run Kid Run should be in a city near you this summer, especially the Sonshine Festival in Minnesota. Here is the video for “We’ve Only Just Begun.”

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