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Penn State’s Finest

Stanley Pringle, a junior college transfer who is currently playing at Penn State, has been charged for masturbating in public. Not only is this embarrassing, hilarious for us, but it happened in a library! You can’t say that Penn State basketball players never hit the books. I can’t confirm that he was trying to hit the books, but he was a 40% 3-point shooter, I suspect the boy has good aim. I don’t think the librarian would have helped him with what he was doing.He allegedly started to masturbate while talking to a girl at the library. There was also an incident a few weeks ago about a guy following a girl to her dorm and a male masturbating in the stairwell. The man that was described could also be Pringle.

Someone needs to tell Pringle that he is no longer at Pasco-Hernando Community College. Pringle’s five-knuckle shuffle could lead to some good for Penn State. I mean, I forgot that Penn State even had a basketball team. The last decent basketball player to come out of Penn State was John Amaechi. He isn’t known so much for his basketball skills, but for being the first openly gay player in the NBA. At least we know Pringle likes the ladies…or just really likes books.

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