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Lance Armstrong to lose seven ‘Tour de France’ titles

U.S. cyclist Lance Armstrong finally said “enough it enough”. He said that he will not fight the charges brought by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. The agency said that it will ban Armstrong from competition for life and strip him of the seven Tour de France titles he won. He won seven straight titles from 1999-2005.

Armstron, 40, had other countries bring up similar allegations of doping in the past, but nothing has ever stuck. His lawyers have threatened a lawsuit if the USADA proceeded. They argue that the agency must first resolve a disupte with the International Cycling Union.

Armstrong has never tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. He has used that defense from day one. His actions does not mean an admission of guilt. He noted that his choice of not fighting the USADA’s allegations was to focus on his Livestrong foundation for cancer survivors. Armstrong survived cancer himself before winning his soon-to-be-stripped seven Tour de France titles.


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