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2012 NCAA Tourney – South Region Picks

The South region contains a few of my underdog predictions that I picked before the field was set. Kentucky is the huge favorite to come out of this region, but will they stumble on the way to the Final Four? Will an underdog shine and make a few upsets? VCU was one of the tournament darlings last year, can they repeat and make a long run in 2012?

#1 Kentucky vs. #16 Mississippi Valley St./Western Kentucky – Even though Vanderbilt knocked off Kentucky in the SEC Championship game, I don’t see this game will be close.┬áNot only does Mississippi Valley State and Western Kentucky need to compete in the play-in game, but Kentucky gets to rest. This game will be the normal #1 vs. #16 blowout.

Predicted Winner: #1 Kentucky Wildcats

#8 Iowa State (22-10) vs. #9 Connecticut (20-13) Iowa State has been a surprise team this year and deserved better than a #8 seed. Connecticut started off the year sluggish, but the defending champs had a strong Big East regular season. Even thought UConn will be a popular upset pick, due to experience, I love Royce White and the rest of the Iowa State Cyclones. It’s a shame that they will have to play Kentucky in the 2nd round, because I really like them.

Predicted Winner: #8 Iowa State Cyclones

#5 Wichita State (27-5) vs. #12 Virginia Commonwealth (28-6) VCU will be a popular upset pick. The Rams are a known entity and have the experience from the run they made last year. The Wichita State Shockers have been inching their way into the Top 25 for most of the year. They were my underdog favorite going into the tournament. VCU is coming off a conference tournament win and Wichita State didn’t win the Missouri Valley conference tournament. WSU’s Garrett Stutz will need a great game to keep VCU’s backcourt from taking over the game. I like the Shockers to win a close game.

Predicted Winner – #5 Wichita State Shockers

#4 Indiana (25-8) vs. #13 New Mexico State (26-9) – Indiana lost Verdell Jones III with an ACL injury, but they shouldn’t miss him against New Mexico State. The Aggies haven’t played anyone at Indiana’s level all season. Their lone marquee win came against New Mexico, only to lose to them later in the season. Cody Zeller should dominate the game and the Hoosiers will win this contest.

Predicted Winner – #4 Indiana Hoosiers

#6 UNLV (26-8) vs. #11 Colorado (23-11) – Colorado is coming into the NCAA Tournament hot from the PAC-12 tournament win. The Buffaloes will be a popular upset pick, but don’t sleep on UNLV. They knocked off, then #1 North Carolina team earlier this season. Mike Moser has been dominating the paint all year and they have played a very tough schedule. This game will be more lopsided than most people think. I like UNLV to be a sleeper underdog pick for the later rounds.

Predicted Winner: #6 UNLV Rebels

#3 Baylor (27-7) vs. #14 South Dakota State (27-7) – Which Baylor team will show up in Albuquerque? They shouldn’t have that much trouble against The Summit League champions. If Baylor wants to advance, they need big games from Perry Jones III, Pierre Jackson, Quincy Acy and Quincy Miller. All four of these players need to be consistent, because consistency has been lacking for Baylor all year.

Predicted Winner: #3 Baylor Bears

#7 Notre Dame (22-11) vs. #10 Xavier (21-12) – This game is going to be a close one. Xavier’s Tu Holloway is one of the most-talented players in the entire tournament. He has a poor first-half of the year, but has turned it up as the season progressed. Notre Dame was supposed to have an off-year, but they ended as the Big East regular season champions. A lot of people point out that the Fighting Irish knocked off, then #1 ranked, Syracuse. I will remind you that the Orange were without Fab Melo for that game. Notre Dame needs excellent guard-play to beat Xavier. I am picking Holloway and the Musketeers to upset Notre Dame.

Predicted Winner: #10 Xavier Musketeers

#2 Duke (27-6) vs. #15 Lehigh (26-7) – As much as I would love to pick against Duke, I can’t. Lehigh’s C.J. McCollom is a scoring machine, but Duke will double-team him and Lehigh lacks scoring depth. For a small school, Lehigh has done some impressive things this year. The Plumlee boys shouldn’t have any trouble with the under-sized Moutain Hawks.

Predicted Winner: #2 Duke Blue Devils

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Rick Pitino, You Got Some Explaining To Do

Rick Pitino has found himself in some hot water, boiling hot water. A few months ago, Karen Cunagin Sypher tried to extort $10 million from Rick Pitino and she was charged with a crime. In the process of investigating her, the police department interviewed Pitino and he sang like a cardinal.Apparently he did have an affair with her in 2003, even allegedly having sex at a bar. He then tried to shut her up by paying her $3,000 to get an abortion. It is pretty easy to imagine the backlash that he is about to receive, since he coaches in the Big East, but the university lies within SEC/Big Ten country, aka The Bible Belt.

Cunagin Sypher, who claimed that Pitino sexually assualted her, tried to extort money from Pitino. First she allegedly ask for $3,000 a month, but increased all the way up to paying for her kid’s tuition, two cars, house paid off, and $10 million. I thinks she missed a few steps in there. Pitino has been married since 1993 and I would assume that he wanted to keep this quiet. When Cunagin Sypher wanted to talk to Pitino back in 2003, they actually met at a strength and conditioning coach’s house. She didn’t know that person at the time, but she would later marry him. Really?! I think that is the strangest part of the whole story. They met because Pitino had an affair with her and in the process of trying to cover it up, they fell in love? Sounds like a really bad movie pitch.

I’m a Kentucky Wildcats basketball fan, I’m still a big Pitino fan, even though he’s coaching at Louisville. I’m far enough away from that area that I’ve never really had any beef with the Lou, my beef mostly lies with Indiana University. That’s beside the point, Pitino is going to get grilled when he plays out of conference games in the South.I can only imagine the type of security that they will need to confiscate signs when they playing UK.

Pitino is a grown man and is capable of mistakes. Everyone should know that who watched him coach the Celtics and aptly signed guys like Walter McCardy and Ron Mercer hoping that they would lead them to an NBA Championship. This will blow over once the news cycle ends, but he probably needs to come out and apologize and be done with it.

Here is my solution to the problem. Louisville get with the University of Florida and get Tim Tebow to go counsel Pitino, like Tony Dungy is counseling Michael Vick. I think it would be a good PR move, even though outrageous, it would work.
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A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.

2008 College Football – All-Name Team

Not everyone can have the last name ‘Manning’ or ‘Montana’, some of us have to go through life with a pretty ridiculous name. Most of these names are pretty rough to grow up with, but some are names you wish you may have, especially if you are named something bland like Joe Smith or Bobby Roberts.

YourHighNess Morgan – LB – Florida Atlantic
H.B. Banjoman – RB – Eastern Kentucky
Casey Dick – QB – Arkansas
Chris Smelley – QB – South Carolina
Cooter Arnold – WR – North Carolina
Baccari Rambo – DB – Georgia
Sam Spitz – FB – Wisconsin
Mighty Inyang – DB – Houston
Chubb Small – RB – Marshall
Caleb Dyck – RB – Alabama-Birmingham
Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada – QB – Navy
Stash McGuiness – OL – Cal Poly
Mike Lougee – LB – Iona
Dirk Kool – LB – South Dakota State
Heath Cockburn – G – Furman
Jeff Dickmann – CB – UCLA
T-Bob Hebert – C – Louisiana State
Fitz Bobo – WR – Miami (OH)
Prince Moody – DB – Wisconsin
Dane Cook – S – Ball State
Ryan Succup – K – South Carolina
Joker Phillips – Offensive Coordinator – Kentucky

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.