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Hats Have Power To Reduce I.Q.

I don’t know what is up with all these hats at the Kentucky Derby. I know it’s a tradition, but the last years have seen it go out of control. I can see if a lady wears a hat that has a large brim and comes out of a scene from “Casablanca.” A glamorous hat that is an homage (I’m using fancy words) to a time of long ago. These people are borderline insane. They look like they need a helmet, we’re not talking about the kind you need to play sports either. I think the guy in the picture below worked on that hat for a year and doesn’t even watch the Derby.I’m not much of an horse racing fan, I don’t know much about it at all. It’s more about gut-feeling with me. You have to trust your gut, right Colbert?The Kentucky Derby usually has a few surprises. The favorite rarely seems to win, but they do well. Colonel John is 5:1, but I don’t see him winning, but he should place. Big Brown is 3:1, but he is at the 20 pole and would have to run nearly perfect to win. I have Pyro (7:1), Visionaire (16:1), and Colonel John finishing in that order. If anyone is in Kentucky, do a boy a favor and throw down 20 on Pyro for me.

Update: Big Brown, Eight Belles, Denis Of Cork is how the finish went down. (Once again, I suck at predicting horse races)

Unfortunately, Eight Belles, who finished second, was injured and he had to be put down after the race. He had multiple fractures in his leg. This kind of thing is why I don’t watch horse racing.

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