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Griffey Jr. To The Cubs?

Ken Giffey Jr. has been a superstar since he was old enough to put on a uniform. He has done just about everything you can do in baseball, but the most important thing, win a championship. Griffey is currently a free agent and he doesn’t have many more years left to accomplish this goal. His trade to the Chicago White Sox late last season is an indication that he wants to play for a contender. The Chicago Cubs need a left-handed power bat, could Griffey Jr. be reunited with his old skipper in Seattle?

The Chicago Cubs haven’t made it a secret that they are in the market for a left-handed power bat to solidfy their line-up. The rumors suggest that Milton Bradley will be their guy, but Griffey would be a great addition to the Cubs. The outfield for the Cubs will be a rotation of Alfonso Soriano, Joey Gathright/Felix Pie, Kosuke Fukudome, Reed Johnson, and possibly, Bradley. Trade rumors have been circulating around Felix Pie the last two seasons and early returns say that they have lost interest in developing the prospect. By signing Joey Gathright to a contract, the Cubs sealed Pie’s fate. Chicago needs to add more defense to their squad and Soriano and Gathright aren’t great in that department. Fukudome has a cannon arm, but he batted below the Mendoza line doing down the stretch.

Ken Griffey Jr. is a cheap option for a secondary left-handed bat in the lineup. He can fill the role that Jim Edmonds played for them last season. He can spell the outfield and can give you an extra lefty to face a tough pitcher. He would also be a great pinch-hitting option off the bench. He can use him in situations where they could say Gathright for pinch-runner duties, something that they saved Ronny Ceceno for last season. He would give the younger players a role model in the clubhouse and he could possibly be signed for around $2-3 million.

Jim Hendry, the Cubs GM, has made some nice trades and signings over the past few seasons, but I think signing Ken Grffey Jr. would be a step in the right direction. Not only would Griffey be comfortable playing for Pinella, but he had some of his best seasons under him in Seattle. I understand that he was in his prime during that period of time, but he doesn’t have to play everyday and Pinella is smart enough to use him to best suit his skills.

The Chicago Cubs need to win the World Series this year and they need to add players that are hungry. Ken Griffey has played nearly 20 seasons and he is starving. Wrigley Field would be the best place for Junior, I know he has hit enough homers there against them in the past.

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For The 600th Time, Griffey Is Awesome

After what seems to have been an eternity, Griffey Jr. finally hit his 600th home-run. He has been stuck on either 598 or 599 for nearly an entire month, but he ended all the madness with a monster shot against the Florida Marlins tonight. This is probably the first “legit” 600th home-run milestone we’ve seen since Willie Mays and Hank Aaron, but yet it doesn’t seem as big of a deal.

Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds are both members of the 600-club, but a huge asterisk is attached to their accomplishment. Although Sosa has never been attached to any proof of cheating, Bonds has a few “pending” reasons why his accomplishment is tarnished. Junior appears to be legit and if it wasn’t for his various injuries over the past ten years, he could have been the one that broke Aaron’s record. He still has a few more seasons left in him and I think a logical goal would be to surpass Willie Mays at 660. He could average around 20 knocks a year over the next three seasons and retire as one of the best players to play the game.

Now since Junior has achieved this milestone, I look for the Reds to try and move him to an American League team so he could become a designated hitter. I still think he is a good outfielder, but he seems to need more days off to be productive. The Reds are in a youth movement and would benefit from having him around, but it wouldn’t be fair to him to stay on a team with the playoffs not being in Cincinnati’s future this season.

Congratulations Junior, now go on being awesome and stay away from this guy!

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