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Song Of The Day – Green Day (Working Class Hero)

“America’s White Boy” has a conscience and we support those that support great causes. A compilation was released a year ago that the proceeds goes to saving Darfur. The album is full of John Lennon covers and Green Day’s “Working Class Hero” is one of the best covers on the album. Green Day does a lot of philanthropic work and they even played Live 8 to help save Africa. They have grown as a band and as people and doing great things with their fame.

Green Day started in a smoke-filled basement in Northern California. Their name derives from marijuana and their earlier works sounds like they were high while playing their instruments. Their 3-chord tunes grew into full orchestra-filled ballads within a 15 years. Green Day is an example of a band painting themselves into a corner as a “punk band” and then grabbing a new paint color and paint the entire room while the entire world stood in awe. Green Day had their most critically-acclaimed album with “American Idiot” and I the rumor is that an upcoming album will be released by the end of the year.

Go out and buy “Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur” and help out a great cause.

Here is the video for “Working Class Hero.”

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