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The Many Faces Of Jayson Werth

The season is officially over and I have been sitting on something for a few weeks. I have read numerous amounts of tweets on Twitter about how Jayson Werth looks like Edge from the WWE. It got me wondering, has it always looked like that or could this soul-patch, long hair look be something that he has been sporting his entire career. After going a google search, what I found was very, very disturbing. This is a must-see.

Let’s start off with some fairly recent pictures of Mr. Werth. Please note the obvious soul-patch or flavor-saver (I’ve been told that people actually call it that) and shaggy hair. Here are a few to look over.

Now that you see what Jayson Werth looks like now, let’s take a gander to just a few years ago when he was an up & coming young prospect in the Baltimore Orioles organization.

Wow, is it me or does it look like a guy who would be rather be at a Comic-con than in a baseball diamond?
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