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The Redskins Are Clueless

After A Week One loss to the New York Giants, everyone was calling for Jim Zorn’s head. The Redskins looked bad and their offense couldn’t even run an average 2-minute offense. Then somehow the Redskins go on a hot streak and win a few games in a row and suddenly Zorn is a lifesaver. Well, it didn’t take long for the Redskins to fall back to Earth. They were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention and now the village people are calling for Zorn’s head again. If Daniel Snyder was smart, he would listen to the village.

Vinny Cerrato, the team’s executive vice president of football operations, said Monday that Jim Zorn will return next season. This doesn’t seem like a Dan Snyder move to me. Is this the same man who basically has a blank check when it comes to the Redskins? Has the economy hurt Snyder?

He has coaches like Mike Holmgren, Josh McDaniels, and Bill Cowher just waiting out there for the picking and he’s not doubling down. You have Bill Cowher, who has a home on the East Coast (North Carolina area), which isn’t a great distance from the nation’s capital. There are arguments for and against bringing in a new coach, but you can clearly see the upside on bringing in an elite head coach, not a guy that you got last second after all the other coaches you interviewed didn’t seem interested.

I know the fans of the Redskins think Jason Campbell could be the quarterback of the future. Does he have the skills to win a game with his arm? I’m not sold and if you bring in Josh McDaniels, he would bring Matt Cassel with him. You have a pretty good tandem with a head-start on learning the offense. Clinton Portis has a few years left on him, but the Redskins are in need of an elite, prototypical receiver. Receivers like Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle-El are more possession receivers that lack size.

Redskins fans need to write letters, text, or contact Dan Snyder in some way to get him to explore the idea of getting in an experience coach to lead this team. The Redskins are just a couple of pieces of away from being in the top-tier of the NFC, they just need the leadership to guide them.

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