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Sweetbob’s Fantasy Baseball F/M/K – April 12th

SweetbobFMK1We are a little over a week into the 2017 baseball season. If you’re playing fantasy baseball, you’re still trying to figure out your roster. Should I cut bait with Byron Buxton? Should I pick up someone who started out red hot?

We look at some players who started out hot, some who are struggling and maybe some guys who should be targeted in your free agent pool.

Before I begin, let’s go over the F/M/K terminology. The guys that I list under “F*ck” are guys that are currently hot and you need to pick them up. “Marry”, are guys that you need to stick with the whole season, even if they are struggling a bit. “Kill”, are guys that need to be dropped for better players in the free agent pool.

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2017 MLB Season Preview: Colorado Rockies

2017 MLB Season Team Preview Colorado Rockies Ian Desmond funnyFor the first time in a many years, I like the current trajectory of the Colorado Rockies. It all started when they waited until the perfect time to trade Troy Tulowitzki to Toronto and got some really nice pieces in return. I’ve been waiting for them to do the same thing with Carlos Gonzalez, but they just keep holding onto him. I never thought he would last the entire contract when he signed the seven-year/ $80 million contract before the 2011 season.

I’m curious to see how well the Rockies starting rotation will do this season. Jon Gray was outstanding at times last year. It was nice to see him get comfortable at the Major League level.

Can Colorado surprise us all and contend for a Wild Card spot this season?

Here is the 2017 MLB season preview for the Colorado Rockies.

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2016 MLB Season Preview: Colorado Rockies

Gerardo-Parra-Colorado-Rockies-2016-MLB-season-preview-americas-white-boyIt feels like the Rockies have been in rebuilding mode for a decade. It’s been shorter than a decade, but it has felt slow. It appeared like the rebuild was about to take a leap forward when they traded Troy Tulowitzki to the Blue Jays late last year…but the Rockies didn’t make much noise this offseason.

Carlos Gonzalez is still in Colorado. I’m not quite sure why, but he’s still there. He played in 153 games last season and knocked 40 homers. Teams will clearly unload some prospects for a guy like that, right? I’m not sure why they have waited this long.

Can Colorado’s make-shift bullpen last the entire season?

Here is the 2016 MLB season preview for the Colorado Rockies.

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2015 MLB Team Preview: Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies 2015 MLB team preview funny David Nied bust topps shirtlessThe NL West should be one of the best (if not the best) divisions in Major League Baseball. Colorado is in the unfortunate position of being a rebuilding team while their division is so strong.

Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki have both been hampered by nagging injuries. If both players appear in 145+ games, could the Rockies shock the world and contend? If not, should the Rockies try to move them for prospects?

Can the starting rotation hold up until top pitching prospects Jon Gray and Eddie Butler are ready?

Here is the 2015 MLB season preview for the Colorado Rockies.

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Clayton Kershaw Pitches First Career No-Hitter

clayton kershaw no-hitter los angeles dodgers colorado rockies mlbClayton Kershaw, who signed a $215 million contract this offseason, was worth every penny against Colorado. He earned his first career no-hitter and was only a throwing error away from a perfect game. I’m sure Hanley Ramirez would like to have that throw back.

This is the Dodgers second no-hitter this season. Josh Beckett unexpectedly earned one less than a month ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kershaw, or another member of their rotation, would notch another one this season.

The Dodgers are currently four games back in the NL West behind the San Francisco Giants.

Kershaw’s next start will be in Kansas City to face the AL Central-leading Royals.

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2014 MLB Team Preview: Colorado Rockies

Hot Sexy Colorado Rockies Girl Fan 2013 MLB Team PreviewThe NL West is top-heavy (Dodgers & Giants), but the rest of the division improved their rosters this offseason. Colorado was one of the most active teams in baseball. They completed a few trades and landed starter Brett Anderson and added depth at other positions. The biggest splash they made was signing former AL MVP Justin Morneau. It is unknown if the thin air in Denver can help rekindle his career.

Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki have both been hampered by nagging injuries the last two seasons. If both players appear in 150+ games, could they contend for a Wild-Card spot?

Colorado made an effort to improve one of the worst pitching staffs in baseball. Can the starting rotation hold up until top pitching prospects Jonathan Gray and Eddie Butler are ready?

Here is the 2014 MLB season preview for the Colorado Rockies.

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2013 MLB Team Preview: Colorado Rockies

Troy TulowitzkiThe Walt Weiss era begins in Denver this season. He takes over a team with a lot of problems. The most glaring issue is their pitching. When Jorge De La Rosa and Jhoulys Chacin are at the top of your rotation, you’re doing something wrong. Drew Pomeranz, the centerpiece in the Ubaldo Jimenez deal, is not where they expected him to be. He’s only 24, so there’s still time for him to turn into a #1 starter.

The rest of the team lacks an identity. I hope Weiss focuses on defense, because their pitching staff isn’t going to help them.

Can Troy Tulowitzki stay healthy in 2013?

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Colorado Rockies To Sign Giambi?

Jason Giambi was recently released by the Oakland A’s and it is rumored that he will soon sign with a contender. He was batting under the Mendoza Line this season, but you can’t under-estimate the power of the mustache. Giambi still has power, but his average could kill a team looking for a playoff spot. He’s a good clubhouse guy and has playoff experience with Oakland and New York. The team that’s rumored to want him is the Colorado Rockies. I don’t really understand why, he is basically a DH at this point, but they could be scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for an edge.

Let’s examine where Giambi would play if he signed with Colorado. 1st base would be ideal for the slugger, but they have a potential Hall of Famer, Todd Helton, at that position. He has had a comeback year and is actually healthy for the first time in a few seasons. He could be a back-up, but Garrett Atkins has been filling in for him this season. Atkins has had a rough year this year, but his average and power are just a hair better than Giambi this season. You can forget about the middle infield or third base for Giambi, he isn’t up for the challenge. The other spot would be left-field, but the Rockies have an outfield loaded with talent. Carlos Gonzalez, Brad Hawpe, Dexter Fowler, Seth Smith, and Ryan Spilbourghs have all been sharing time out there. That leaves the pinch-hitting spot, at this point in his career, could be the best option. He has had success in that role throughout the years and had a few memorable pinch-hit walk-off hits with the Yankees.

You can throw out the statistics when you’re talking about Giambi. He’s such a streaky hitter and the move to the National League may do him well. His post-season career numbers are nice, he has hit 7 homers and carries a .289 average. His experience in the post-season is something you can’t put a price tag on. If the Rockies sign him, they would just be paying a pro-rated amount of the league minimum. If the Rockies want to roll the dice on him, the risk is low and the reward could be extremely high. I say go for it, you won’t have to re-sign him next year and you just have to deal with him for two months. It’s not the smartest idea to sign Giambi at this point, but you have very little to lose.
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