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Brian Posehn Is A Funny Dude

I ran a “Mitch Fatel Is A Funny Dude” post a few days ago and got a great response. I love comedians and I’m going to start to feature some of my favorite acts out there. Brian Posehn is a quirky guy who has had bit parts in “Just Shoot Me,” “The Sarah Silverman Program,” “The Comedians of Comedy,” and my favorite, “3 South.” After the jump, check out some clips of his comedy.

Just like Fatel, Posehn is going to be at the Columbus Funny Bone here in a couple of months. I am definitely going to check it out, I heard he is hilarious in person. His “Nerd Rage” comedy album was hilarious, it’s just track after track of huge build-ups and great, smart punchlines. He loves metal and I can only imagine him as a odd teenager, he probably drove a Trans Am. I would think that he would have probably been best friends with Chuck Klosterman if they knew each other back then.

I mentioned the show “3 South,” in the preview and not many of you are probably familiar with the show. It was a short-lived animated show on MTV (2002-09) that took place in a college dorm. It was hilarious and I need to find it on DVD. If anyone knows where I could get the entire series, email me.