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What If “Breaking Bad” Debuted in 1995? [Video]

I love when people are creative on YouTube.

The YouTube user GoesToEleven,¬†who earlier released a video of the 1995-style opening credits for “The Walking Dead”,has done it again. This time he uses the television show “Breaking Bad”.

This is the best thing on the internet right now.

Breaking Bad: Comic-Con Season Five Trailer

Season five of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” is set to debut on July 15th. The San Diego Comic-Con debuted the trailer preview for the season…and it looks amazing!

If you haven’t watched the show before, this trailer is filled with spoilers from season four. It doesn’t show any new plot twists from the upcoming season. I am anxiously awaiting this season.

The Comic-Con trailer preview for season five of “Breaking Bad” is after the jump…


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