2018 NBA All-Star Weekend Betting Odds & Picks

There aren’t any regular season NBA games to bet on this weekend, but there are plenty of opportunities to lay down some jellybeans on the NBA.

NBA’s All-Star Weekend has some favorable betting odds for their three big skills competitions: Slam Dunk Contest, Three-Point Contest and the Skills Competition.

Some of the better rising stars are in the events and even some All-Stars decided to participate.

Will a young, hungry guy make a name for themselves and win one of the competitions, or will an All-Star show why they are one of the best in the league?

Odds to win 2018 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Dennis Smith Jr – 7/4
Donovan Mitchell – 11/5
Larry Nance Jr – 13/5
Victor Oladipo – 4/1

Dennis is instantly the favorite since he’s the shortest guy in the contest. Guys want to see short dudes like Spud Webb or Nate Robinson do something elite like dunk. Smith is slightly over 6’0, so it’s not an extreme case like Webb or Robinson. Donovan Mitchel is an inch taller, but the guy has a seven-foot wingspan. Victor Oladipo is an inch taller than Mitchell, but isn’t really known as a high-flyer. Larry Nance Jr. would be a nice story since his dad won the first-ever NBA slam dunk contest. I’m picking Donovan Mitchell here since he’s probably the most athletic guy in the competition. 

Odds to win 2018 NBA Three-Point Contest

Klay Thompson – 2/1
Eric Gordon – 9/2
Devin Booker – 6/1
Paul George – 13/2
Wayne Ellington – 15/2
Bradley Beal – 17/2
Kyle Lowry – 9/1
Tobias Harris – 11/1

This contest used to be fun back when only a handful of guys were three-point specialists. Now everyone in the league has three-point range and it isn’t as compelling, but it should be very competitive. Klay Thompson and Eric Gordon are easily the two favorites, but my underdog is Devin Booker and we shouldn’t sleep on Bradley Beal. I’m going with Devin Booker, cause the dude can shoot the lights out.

Odds to win 2018 NBA Skills Competition

Lou Williams – 7/2
Jamal Murray – 4/1
Al Horford – 5/1
Spencer Dinwiddie – 11/2
Joel Embiid – 6/1
Buddy Hield – 6/1
Lauri Markkanen – 7/1
Andre Drummond – 9/1

This contest has guys of all sizes and shapes. First off, scratch Andre Drummond off the list, he ain’t winning this. Joel Embiid, Al Horford and Lauri Markkanen would be good stories, but are long shots. I’m thinking this contest is a two-horse race. Jamal Murray is a great overall talent and Spencer Dinwiddie is a right there with Murray. Due to the increased odds, I’m taking Spencer Dinwiddie. People are sleeping on him since he doesn’t really have a name.

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