If you’ve made a promise to yourself this year to get fit – congratulations! This is the first step to a better (and more importantly) healthier life. The thing is, it’s not just about introducing salads into your home, and running around the block once and again. Yes, you will probably lose a few pounds, but it won’t do much else. If you want one of those toned, sculpted bodies you see in fitness magazines, then you’re gonna have to put in the work.

You gotta change it up!

Cardio isn’t enough. Simple. All this will do is burn calories and fat, which is good, but just not enough. Girls, if you want one of those perfect peach butts – and guys, if you want those thighs of steel, then you’re going to have to introduce weight training. Also, don’t go to the gym every day and work the same thing – you gotta change it up! The reason being, if you only ever do one area, with the same exercises, your body will get used it. Yeah, the first week your body will be exhausted, but then it’ll soon adapt, and you won’t be pushed anymore. You’ll get comfortable, and your body will stop working as hard because it just becomes a habit. So when you’re planning your weekly workout routine, make sure it goes a little like this: Leg day and butt day. Chest and abs day. Shoulder and back day. Cardio day. Then a day off, also known as cheat day, (which is a requirement!)

You are what you eat!

One of the most common mistakes is when an individual will do all the correct workouts, alternating the exercises day to day, but not getting the gains they want. This will most likely be because they aren’t eating what they should be. Sure, getting in your daily sessions at the gym is great, fantastic even, (well done you!), but if you’re not feeding your body what it needs, when it needs it, you won’t be getting the best possible results. If you’re new to all of this though, it can be quite intimidating trying to figure out what you need. Luckily, sites like DiyActive supply you with your very own guide, so you’re able to take things into your own hands like a pro.

Now you have the basics, put them into action and see how you feel. It’s important to remember that no two people are the same, so what may work for one person you see in the gym, doesn’t by any means mean that it’ll work for you. So never get disheartened – it’s all about trial and error until you create your own regime.

One of the hardest things isn’t actually the physical workouts, but the mental state of mind. Motivation and determination are what’ll keep you going. It’s not about how much you lift; it’s about how you’re going to repeat that grueling action again and again until you’ve finished your set – and that, takes a serious strength from within that mind of yours.

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