Ever Thought About Running A Golf Course?

Owning any sort of sporting company can be a great investment – especially when people are still on a fitness hype. The amount of adults who have gotten into some type a sport has increased exponentially over the past few years, and there is always an influx of people signing up to new sporting activities after New Year. Golf isn’t really a high-energy sport, however, it is one that people can get really invested in, alone and with a group. Recreational sports have so many benefits for adults, and not just for the fitness side of things. It’s a great opportunity to meet people, for team building, and even for beating those post-holiday blues. For people who work in offices and up to desks all day, having a place to go to let off steam and relax is more than the best.


Choosing the right location for your golf course will affect your client base. You need to consider the amount of land you will have, as well as the size of the building. Think of the land you’re purchasing too – it needs to be the right sort of ground to accommodate the releveling and design of the course. The other thing to consider is the access your clients will have to your golf course. Being near a main road or highway will definitely help, but also being far enough out of the way to feel like a complete retreat for your clients.


This is a question you should be asking yourself from the start, and not something to consider later on. A lot of golf courses come equipped with a spa and can be a great addition to the course. Having a space where you clients can really relax after a long day golfing is a great selling point.

Driving Range

A driving range is a must. A space where your clients can practice their swing and even receive some tutoring. Having the option to have some training on the course is a great idea, but having someone ready to help at the range can be great for those who don’t have the time to play on the course, or who want to perfect their swing.


Managing a golf course isn’t an easy task, however there are some golf course management software out there that can help you manage each section. Not only do you need to manage your staff, but also the third party companies involved – like the grounds people and even the diver who empties the pond of golf balls every other month.


When hiring your staff, think about versatility. If you can hire people who can work both within the restaurant and out on the course as needed, then you will have more flexibility when creating shift patterns. And also think about experience – this might be a new venture for you, but by having a team with experience will help you get things up and running smoothly.

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