Trubisky Shines (And Fails) in NFL Debut

The Chicago Bears started rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky last night, but still lost to the Minnesota Vikings 20-17. He was 12 for 25 for 128 yards with a touchdown and an interception. He also turned over the ball when he was stripped sacked early in the game. 

The Bears are now 1-4, but looking back at their schedule, they’ve faced a talented gauntlet of teams. They lost their first two games to Atlanta and Tampa Bay (both solid teams), beat Pittsburgh in overtime and then lost games to division opponents Green Bay and Minnesota. The worst record of any opponent so far is 2-2. It’s something to keep in mind when deciding on NFL betting for the next game.

When Chicago drafted Trubisky, fans weren’t frothing at the mouth in excitement. He only started one season at North Carolina. Fans weren’t familiar with him since North Carolina wasn’t in many nationally-televised games. It also didn’t help that National Championship-winning QB Deshaun Watson was still on the board.

The pick also confused many since they just signed career backup QB Mike Glennon to three-year contract worth $45 million ($19 million guaranteed). The Bears clearly didn’t expect to draft a QB at #2 since there weren’t many elite QBs early in the offseason scouting process. You would expect Glennon to be the starter for that kind of money. I’m sure they hoped to get at least one year out of him.

Trubisky turned out to be the better quarterback this preseason. He had more success than  the overpaid Glennon and his passes were precise. It still didn’t sway their long-term plans and the decision was to sit Trubisky in favor of Glennon. Unfortunately, Glennon struggled early this season and forced their hand to start the rookie.

The Bears should be ‘fine’ with Trubisky starting games his rookie season. They aren’t going to win many games, but that’s due to injuries. The rookie doesn’t have any playmaking receivers. Injuries to Cameron Meredith and Kevin White killed any hopes of hitting some big plays through the air.

One skill Trubisky has that doesn’t get a lot of dap, is his legs. He used to be a running back and even battled rookie RB Kareem Hunt in a league in Ohio when they were younger. You could see Trubisky’s speed during their 2-point try when he took it in on the ground. He needs to watch every Aaron Rodgers game. Rodgers has the same sneaky speed, but chooses to use it at the ideal time.

Trubisky’s first game showed me two things. He isn’t quite ready for the NFL, but also, he will be just fine after getting some experience. You could see it in his passes that he can put it just about anywhere, but hasn’t learned to read NFL-level defenses. It could be a slow process, but I liked what I saw out of Trubisky in his first game.

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