Ball Games To Get In To When You’re Not A Fan Of Football

When you have an interest in sports, you may be interested in absolutely everything. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, you just can’t get into a particular sport no matter how hard you try. And when it’s one of the country’s leading spots, as well as one that all of your friends and family get behind, you can often feel like you have to force yourself to like it. But that’s not necessarily your only option. In fact, instead of pushing yourself towards enjoying something that you really don’t like, you need to find an alternative. And when the sport above is football, there are plenty other ball-based sports to explore.


Although professional football might be the most popular sport in the country, it’s followed closely by another classic; baseball. Baseball is America’s favorite pastime, and it’s showing the world that it’s still as popular as ever. If you’re looking for a new ball sport to play or to watch, baseball could be it. The atmosphere at baseball games is still as exciting as ever, and teams and players are still ensuring that the game is well worth a watch, whether it’s in person or at home.


If you want to try something different, that can be as varied and exciting as you want it to be, go for volleyball. Volleyball is the kind of sport that can be played by anyone, at any time. Although you need a ball and a net (and preferably some teammates and opponents) to play, you’re not restricted by the time of year or weather. Because volleyball might seem like a summer sport, but it can actually be played indoor and outdoor, and even in winter too. Making it a great contender for your new ball sport.


Field lacrosse may seem like the all-American sport that we know it as today, but it actually has Native American roots and has been played for almost a thousand years. So if you want a sport that has a lot of history, this could be it. Playing lacrosse is exciting. And it’s definitely the more popular option over watching it. So if you want to get out there and try your luck at a ball sport, lacrosse could be the one.


If you’re looking for something a little less fast-paced and much more relaxing, you should try golf. Golf is definitely a different kind of ball sport to consider, and couldn’t be any further from the idea of playing football. When you get your golf drivers and get ready to tee off, you’re in for a challenging but enjoyable day. Other than the grass and ball involved, it’s quite the opposite of football.

Water Polo

Or maybe you want a complete change from the idea of a field-based sport altogether? When that’s the case, hit the water and give polo a try. Water polo can be a competitive sport and just as exciting as lacrosse. Again, it’s often best to play it than watch it. So if you’re a fan of watersports and you’re looking to shake up your hobbies, water polo is a strong contender.

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