Drummin’ Ain’t Easy: Quick And Dirty Ways To Be A Better Live Drummer

Drummers are a rare breed, they have rhythm in their soul, and they are called to share this gift with everyone through live performance. But drumming isn’t easy, and it takes a fair amount of dedication to the craft as well as inherent skill to succeed at. With that in mind read on for some ways you can improve your live performance.

You have to be fit

Drumming is a wholly physical activity. You have to be at the top of your game to really bang those cans. So make sure of that you take care of your body as well as your kit. That means hardcore arm workouts with heavy weights like the one at livestrong.com.Something that are also useful for if you want to go sleeveless or shirtless on stage.

It doesn’t hurt to do a bit of cardio either. As all that sitting down behind the kit and revelry on tour can encourage the beginning of a beer belly. So hit the gym or go for a run once in awhile, your heart with thank you for it too.

Practice, practice, practice  

Humans have pretty much been drumming since the dawn of time. It’s in our blood, and it’s in our nature. But that doesn’t mean that everyone has perfect rhythm and timing just built in. In fact, being a good drummer especially one that can live up to the demands of a live show is mostly about practice.

Of course finding somewhere to practice isn’t always the easiest task in the world, as not everyone is as fond of drum kits and high hats as you are. One solution is to soundproof a room in your house. Another is to find a local practice space that you can go to if your family and housemates object to the former.

Have the right kit

Of course, to be a great live performer on any instrument you have to have the right kit, and it’s no different for a drummer. That means picking your kit and set up with care. As well as having the right cases to transport your precious cargo in, without it get damaged.

Also, as the drummer, some of the band promotion will likely fall under your responsibility as well. In particular the band’s logo on the bass drum head. Luckily, you can get this quickly and easier sorted at CustomBassDrumHead.com and sites like them. So that is one less thing you have to worry about!

Don’t let the front man outshine you

Lastly, to be a truly legendary drummer, it’s vital that you don’t let the frontman or woman outshine you. Yeah, they may get to stand further forward on the stage, but the rhythm section keeps everything together.

It may be that you may choose to let your music stand for itself in this regard. Or you could always employ a gimmick like Longineu W. Parsons III from Yellow card did by thrashing his dreads around in time with the music. Making him an epic live drummer of interstellar proportions.

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