Grandiose Gifts For The Sport Lovers In Your Life

Regardless of the time of year, there is always someone who needs a gift. Well, they don’t need it, but custom dictates they get one anyway! So, it might not be Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t on the lookout for the perfect present. Finding a great gift is never easy, but it is a lot more straightforward if the person is a sports-lover. There are numerous ideas which any enthusiast will love, and you can heighten the gift by going big. What’s that? The person in your life is a lover of all things sport? Great news, because below is a handful of big gift ideas which will hit the spot. Seriously, a true sporting fan won’t be able to hide their excitement with the following.

A Ticket To NASCAR

Just because they like sports doesn’t mean they want to don a helmet and hit the field. The majority of fans nowadays are armchair supporters. If you don’t understand the term, congrats; you’re a true fan. Normally, fans prefer to sit down and watch an event rather than take part personally. Still, while sitting in their favorite armchair with a beer and nachos is a good way to spend a Sunday, it is nothing like being at the venue. When they are in the stands, they will be able to hear and feel the roar of the engines as the cars fly past. Anyway, every NASCAR venue has beer and food available, so it’s the best of both worlds. At the moment, the cars are on a hiatus until Bojangles’ Southern 500 on September 3rd.

Luxury Driving Course

For the people who you think would rather be behind the wheel, there are luxury driving packages. As the name suggests, this gift involves driving a selection of cars which are not accessible to the average car owner. From Ferraris to Lamborghinis and Porsches to Aston Martins, the choice is yours. A word of warning, though: the standard gift packages are a little short, so a full day pass is often best. That way, the person can enjoy getting to know the car instead of learning how to drive it and then stopping for the day.  

Horse Racing Meet

The idea of going to this year’s Travers Stakes on the 26th of August might not seem like a great gift, but it is an awesome present. First of all, a horse racing meeting is fun for all the family. Not only can groups of adult men and women attend, but young kids are welcome, too. While you are there, the group will have the chance to drink, socialize, and bet on the horses in the race. With a few savvy free horse racing tips, money might not be too far away either. Then, there is the atmosphere. The Travers Stakes meeting is one of the biggest in America, which means the stands will be full. And, for the animal enthusiasts, the paddock is the place to go and see them in all their glory.

WWE Raw/SmackDown

It is no secret that this site is a fan of WWE. If you haven’t already, you can check out the SummerSlam review here. Well, the good news is that Raw and SmackDown are live across the country pretty much every Monday and Tuesday. The upcoming shows are due to be in Tennessee and Arizona, but the WWE Universe reaches nearly every state. Even if you think wrestling isn’t their thing, take them along for the entertainment factor. Okay, the results are “fake,” but what they say on the microphone and to the fans is real. And, it takes real skill. Also, don’t forget that the punches might not be real, but the suplexes are and they hurt.


Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than throwing someone out of a plane at an altitude of 10,000 feet. All jokes aside, skydiving is an experience which is well worth the cost because it is a once in a lifetime. Usually, most people don’t see the point in going through 50 seconds of free falling again and strike it off their list. But, that doesn’t mean an individual who has never done it shouldn’t try it before they die. After all, extreme sports have a big role to play as well as traditional ones. If you don’t think they will appreciate the gift, there are indoor courses. Instead of jumping out a plane, the person gets into a container which simulates the same conditions. Not as adrenaline-filled, yet not as scary either.

If you need a present for a sports enthusiast, these five are top of the class.

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