The Sports You Might Not Have Heard About Before

Are you a keen sports fan? Think you know all there is to know about sports? Take a look at this list of sports you might not have heard about before, and you’ll realize there is a lot more to sports than football and hockey, as fantastic as they are…


Like basketball? Enjoy trampolining? You’ll love Slamball – a sport which combines the two. In Slamball, players use strategically placed trampolines to make the act of slam dunking the ball much easier and a lot more fun too. Unlike basketball, Slamball is a full contact sport, where players can often be seen slamming their bodies together in mid-air, which means it’s quite aggressive and broken bones and bruising are not uncommon.

Cycle Polo

You know what polo is right? That game where well-to-do people ride horses and hit a white ball with a stick, well this is basically that except you don’t ride a horse – you ride a bike instead. That makes it a bit less exciting, but a lot more accessible to a lot more people. It’s also more challenging than you might imagine, especially if you aren’t known for your balance and coordination.

Cheese Rolling

Oh, those quirky Brits. Only they could make a sport out of rolling a whole wheel of cheese down a hill to be chased by crazed crowds of players looking to come out victorious. As you’d imagine, this high-speed chase causes participants to fall over, be trampled on, fly through the air and break stuff. If it ever finds its way to these shores; it’s probably one to enjoy as a spectator, rather than a participant if you don’t want to be taken away in an airevac air ambulance with serious injuries. Seriously this is one crazy sport that you shouldn’t try if you want to avoid injury!

Ax Throwing

Yes, picking up a heavy ax and throwing it like it was nothing more than a dart is considered a sport by some. It takes a lot of strength and accuracy if you want to avoid injuries with this one.


If you’re a harry potter fan you’ll know all about Quidditch if not; you might be surprised to know that a fictional sport played by a  fictional wizard and his friends has made it to the real world. One for the nerds out there, Quidditch is played in numerous Universities in the Us and beyond.


Chess and boxing are two very different things played by people in very different worlds I hear you say. Not so. Rapidly gaining popularity, chess boxing is the perfect sport for intellectuals who like to take care of themselves. Basically, the sport consists of alternating rounds of chess and boxing. There are six rounds of chess and five of boxing in total.


Bossaball is a crazy, crazy Brazilian sport that is played out on an inflatable court and which combines trampolining, football, gymnastics, the martial art of capoeira and beach volleyball.  It’s incredibly demanding and possibly a bit dangerous, especially if you haven’t got the moves down.

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