The Best Sports for Your Children to Play

As a parent, there is little better you can do for your child than getting them involved with sports. Even if they don’t go on to become a professional in sport later in life, the physical and social skills they can garner from being involved in it as a child are immeasurable. They help children to remain physically fit. They also help them to understand how the team dynamic works. So, get your child involved in a sport — and do so as soon as possible! And if you’re stuck as to what sport you should involve them with, then make sure to read on to find the best sports today for children to play.


Softball is the perfect sport to involve your children with because of the fact that it is a direct stepping stone to baseball. And if training your child in a field that could benefit them professionally as an adult is your goal, then this is a course of action that you should take. But softball shouldn’t just be chosen as your child’s sport of choice for this reason alone.

There are a host of both physical and social benefits to choosing it too. Two huge physical benefits your child can take away from playing softball is balance and hand-eye coordination. One massive social benefit is concentration discipline. However, when involving your child with softball you have to ensure they have the right equipment to do so. Specifically, when buying your child’s softball equipment you have to work relatively in relation to their skill level, age, weight and size. Generally, when it comes to the best bat to choose you should use the fact that eight to nine year olds should have a bat that is 26- to 28-inches as your starting point. You could then add an inch to the length of the bat your child wields for each year that they grow. And to find the best bats on the market today, make sure to head over to Here you will find a host of size, skill and age appropriate pieces of equipment that will compliment your child’s softball skills and ultimately help them shine in it.


Soccer is one of the best team sports available to our children; when involved with it, your child will be able to truly realise how to both depend on others and be depended on. So, if boosting your child’s social skills is your main goal with involving them in sports, then look no further than soccer. Some of the skills they will learn aside from how to depend on and in turn be depended on by others include discipline, leadership and fairness. They will learn discipline through the way they are asked to play and work in a certain position on the field in order to contribute to the team. They will learn leadership as, at some points in the game, they will have the ball at their feet and the weight of the whole team on their shoulders. And they will learn fairness through the way the referee will control them and the game. What’s more, soccer is the perfect sport for children with short attention spans simply because of how fast paced the game is. So, if you’ve tried and failed to interest your child with other sports in the past, then make sure to give soccer a go.


Involving your child with serious cycling, and not just letting them ride their bike up and down your street, can be hugely beneficial to them. By taking them out on extensive bike rides, or even signing them up to a junior cycling club, you can see that their cardiovascular fitness improves twofold. And the best thing of all? Children as young as two can be involved with cycling (those that are that young might just need stabilisers though). And the second best thing of all? It is the perfect summer sport to get involved in, meaning you won’t have to wait for a season to start to get your child involved with it.


Skating, whether on rollerblades or on ice, is an increasingly popular sport of choice for the younger generation. Why? One reason is that it provides children with a sense of freedom that is unfound in a lot of other sports. Another is that it can help train motor skills that can be vital later in life. And another is that it helps to increase balance and general coordination. But when you involve your children with such a sport you need to be aware of the dangers, and you need to protect against them. The biggest danger, of course, is falling onto the hard floor below. To protect against it you should make sure your child is padded out in elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards and a helmet. Also, you should seek to ensure that the skates they use have a braking system.

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