2017 MLB Draft: All-Name Team

In case you missed it, the 2017 MLB Amateur Draft took place this week…all 40 rounds!

Minnesota started the draft off by shocking many by drafting high school shortstop Royce Lewis with the first pick. They did it because Lewis said he would sign for way less than the slot amount of six or seven million dollars. The Twins were able to coax a few players late in the draft to forego college and sign.

We love making all-name team lists for upcoming seasons and drafts, so covering the MLB Draft is a no-brainer. There is some solid names on this year’s list.

My name is Bobby Roberts, so I am often jealous of people with unique names. The most unique thing about my name is that I was not born ‘Robert Roberts’, Bobby is my given name. I don’t know too many grown men named Bobby.

To clear up any confusion, this list is comprised of guys with funny names and just solid baseball names that just belong in the game of baseball. If your name sounds like a phrase or inanimate object, you’re going to end up on our list.

Before we go into the list, we also pick out the MLB Draft Name of the Year. This year’s award goes to Max Lazar. Congrats and we wish you well in your future baseball career.

#32 Jeter Downs – SS – Cincinnati Reds
#107 Cash Case – SS – Cincinnati Reds
#110 Troy Bacon – P – Atlanta Braves
#159 Cullen Large – 2B – Toronto Blue Jays
#220 Zach Pop – P – Los Angeles Dodgers
#233 Jhordany Mezquita – P – Philadelphia Phillies
#257 Packy Naughton – P – Cincinnati Reds
#261 Jared Pooche – P – Oakland A’s
#268 Bligh Madris – OF – Pittsburgh Pirates
#289 Phoenix Sanders – P – Tampa Bay Rays
#324 Max Lazar – P – Milwaukee Brewers
#358 Hunter Wolfe – SS – Pittsburgh Pirates
#500 Cutter Dyals – P – Atlanta Braves
#534 Ledgend Smith – P – Milwaukee Brewers
#573 Kevin Santa – SS – Seattle Mariners
#652 Cole Stapler – P – Arizona Diamondbacks
#656 Daniel Jipping – OF – Colorado Rockies
#662 Janson Junk – P – New York Yankees
#714 Robbie Hitt – P – Milwaukee Brewers
#730 Preston Grand Pre – SS – Los Angeles Dodgers
#857 A.J. Bumpass – OF – Cincinnati Reds
#902 Jake Magnum – OF – New York Yankees
#1009 Trey Hair – 2B – Tampa Bay Rays
#1029 Maverik Buffo – P – Toronto Blue Jays
#1034 Edmond Americaan – OF – Texas Rangers
#1204 Zach Needham – 3B – Seattle Mariners

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