Activities to Satisfy Your Inner Adrenaline Junkie

1280px-Skydiving_over_CushingAdrenaline junkies. We all know at least one. An adrenaline junkie is someone who revels in the adrenaline rush that comes hand in hand with the release of adrenaline into their bloodstream. Adrenaline is released when you’re in some form of danger and is supposed to activate your fight or flight instinct, encouraging blood to pump around your body faster, your breathing speeds up, and endorphins are released en mass, stimulating the pleasure centers in your pituitary gland. If this sounds good to you, perhaps it’s time to start succumbing to your inner adrenaline junkie. Here are a few activities to get you started off.


Skydiving is one of the first activities that will spring to your mind when people talk about achieving an intense adrenaline rush. After all, there aren’t many more daring actions than voluntarily jumping from a plane. While nerves may run high as you take to the skies, people often say that they experience a state of euphoria and tranquility as they descend to the ground. So, consider conquering your fears. If you want an extra feel good addition, try raising money to make the leap. You can then donate this to a good cause.

auto-racing-583032_960_720Car Racing

When it comes to traveling at speed, things don’t get much faster than car racing. You don’t need to start out behind the wheel. Car racing on television can get your heart pumping as you watch the pros accelerate around the track, taking sharp turns and attempting to overtake competitors. Kindle an interest in drivers, cars and keep on top of the NASCAR Cup Series news. You will learn quickly if you read up on racing, engage in conversations with other fanatics and garner a knowledge of different car manufacturers and designers. If you want to take things a step further, try out a car racing experience. These days out will see you in a high-performance vehicle on a real life track. Whether you’re a passenger or take the wheel yourself, you’ll be in for the ride of your life.


Perhaps it’s time for you to take to the slopes. There aren’t many feelings that are as refreshing and exhilarating as speeding down an icy slope in the mountains. The combination of a stunning environment, high speed, sharp slopes and biting weather makes for a thrilling experience. Snowboarding fans often compare the feeling of hurtling at high speed to the bottom of a slope or off a jump as similar to floating. It truly is a natural high. Start off easy. Take lessons with a professional instructor and work your way from little slopes to the large ones. Once you’ve found your feet, try carrying out a couple of tricks or attempting bigger jumps.

climbing-1761387_960_720Rock Climbing

Reach new and dizzying heights by trying out a bit of rock climbing. Start off with an instructor and mount an indoor rock climbing wall. This is a good way to get to grips with the basics: how to support your weight, where to place your feet and how to descend gracefully. Once you are feeling confident, you can take to scaling actual cliffs and mountains.

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