Summer Sports Must-Haves For 2017

Riding Helmet GoproFuturistic technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, from how we drive our cars, to how we put meals on the table. So there is no good reason why this wouldn’t feature in our sporting lives, too. Whether it’s a piece of equipment to monitor your everyday activities, or something which enhances your appreciation and motivation for a particular sport, bringing technology and gadgets in can completely change the way you interact with your own fitness. And with summer finally on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to get out there, get sweaty, and let technology lead the way. Here are just a few gadgets which are absolutely perfect for sports lovers everywhere, whether as gifts for yourself or someone else.


If you’re not a member of the Fitbit club yet, where have you been? They are completely revolutionizing the fitness world, and people are going crazy for them. The basic premise being that a small, watch-like band on your wrist can monitor your heart-rate, daily step-count, and sleep cycles, and import all that data onto a smartphone app. This allows the wearer to monitor their fitness and exercise really closely, and engage with their own regime on a more personal level. With various types of tracker available, there’s something to suit everyone. From a mostly sedentary lifestyle with an interest in upping daily steps, to a high-end, competitive athlete, different trackers will do different jobs. All that can be said, is that they are guaranteed to enable you to more closely monitor your personal fitness and activity, and its popularity speaks for itself.

Smart bat

The smart bat is one of those gadgets which, on the surface, could seem a bit gimmicky. But when you get down to it, if you’re a keen baseball player, or you just enjoy getting involved in your local Little League, a bat which links itself to your smartphone could be pretty useful, right? The Zepp smart bat allows players and coaches to monitor every aspect of the swing, taking the game to the next level. On the surface, it’s a traditionally styled, wooden bat. But tucked away in the knob of the bat is a small cavity for the sensor to live in. It’s easy to setup and easy to use, and it provides data to your smartphone or tablet on every aspect of your game, from your swing speed to your follow through. It’s every baseball player’s must-have gadget this season.


Swim Tracker

Are you a fan of the open water swim? While there are plenty of gadgets designed around swim tracking in pools, including distance swam, speed, and heart rate, these accessories were seriously lacking for open water swimmers. That is, until Finis’s Hydro Tracker came along. It can simply attach to your goggle straps, or wherever you like, and uses GPS to map your swim route online. You even have access to a full satellite image of your route afterward. And what makes this great is that you can also use it for running, walking, cycling, skiing, or hiking. Wherever you decide to go in the world, the Hydro Tracker will allow you to upload your route in great detail.

Inflatable kayak

If you’re a fan of getting out there on the open water, but you don’t have the facilities (or the desire) to store and transport a hard-bottomed boat, then this might be for you. The best inflatable kayak has all the benefits and safety features of a permanent boat, but you can roll it up for storage and transportation, as easy as pie. While you might not think of boating as a particularly arduous exercise, a few hours on the open sea or on a fast-running river will soon change your mind. It can be hard work, and it is great exercise for upper body and core muscles. It’s important not to skimp on the cost, and buy the best one you can afford. The soft material makes them comfortable, but the more you can pay, the more durable the material tends to be, but also the easier it is to blow up or take down.


Golf tracking system

Spring and summer are perfect golfing seasons, so why not up your game with a little bit of shiny new technology? While the automatic caddy actually has been invented, although it would set you back by a considerable amount of money, serious golfers might enjoy seeing their caddy follow them around, as if by magic. For everyone else, Game Golf Live is the perfect gadget for technology loving golfers. It follows your every move, from the way you traverse the green, to the way you approach your shots. With a tracking device on your belt and tags for each club, it doesn’t miss a single aspect of your game. So you can go home, upload the information, and spend hours dissecting your technique, if that’s what floats your boat. From accuracy to dispersion, scores to putts, this piece of technology misses nothing.


The headcam is taking the world by storm. From commuting cyclists to long-distance swimmers, this tiny camera has revolutionized the way people record and replay their most loved memories. The sheer number of accessories and mounts make this perfect for people who engage in numerous different activities, and want to record them all. Whether you just like the safety of knowing that everything you’re doing is being recorded, or you just like to look back at your golfing performance or relive the views from your epic mountain bike trek, the GoPro is becoming the must-have piece of technology for lovers of outdoor activities. They come in different qualities and price brackets, making the gadget particularly accessible, which is a big contributor to its popularity. So if you’re a fan of the outdoor pursuits, and reliving your adventures visually sounds like heaven, a GoPro camera is the perfect addition to your gadget collection.

While sport is pure and has no need for technology, a good gadget can significantly improve your enjoyment, and even help you to perfect technique, track routes, and get fit. They can be fun, like an inflatable kayak, or they can be useful, like a Fitbit, but what’s certain is that they’re here to stay.

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