Outdoor Activities Worth Getting Out Of Bed For

Muggle QuidditchThe problem with trying to get fit is you are also trying to battle something incredibly boring. If something is fun then you’re more likely to do it. For example, how is it that you know all the lyrics to Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang, yet don’t know the Periodic Table. Simple. The Periodic Table is so boring. So, what happens when you apply the same rules to getting fit? Well, you find yourself taking part in some totally alternative activities that grow your smile while shrinking your waistline. Now that is a winning situation. Smiling and sweating, something that was once an oxymoron, and yet now a reality, and one that will let you remain as far away from a serious sportsman as you want.


Okay, so there is no flying in the real sense of the term, but there is a chance to use your imagination in the same way you probably did when you were a kid. Also, who doesn’t want to play Quidditch (except for Piers Morgan who claims to never have read Harry Potter simply because he doesn’t want to concede to JK Rowling)? It may be embarrassing, but it is definitely going to make you smile. Just the names of equipment is going to make you smile, as you run around chasing after Quaffles and Bludgers and Snitches and all sorts. That’s our favourite bit, the Snitch. In the books and the films, it is a little gold ball that has wings and darts about so fast that the Seekers have a real job just keeping their ye on it, nevermind catching it. But, oh no, not in real-life Quidditch, where the Snitch is a tennis ball in a sock that gets tucked into The Snitch Runner’s shorts, who then has to run away from the Seekers.


Ever imagined a sport that combined the different elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong to make one epic sport? Well, that sport exists, and it is called Pickleball. You play it on a badminton-sized court that has a modified tennis net, and you use a paddle to hit a ball with holes in it. Of course, as with any sport that requires a racquet, it is important you get yourself the best of the best, in which case a great place to start is Wolfe Sports, who will be able to guide you through the whole process and allow you to get started on your Pickleball career as soon as possible. We have to admit, it is incredibly fun and, what’s more, it can be played by people of all ages, and we mean all ages.

source: flickr

source: flickr


No. We’re not talking traditional polo played on horseback or water polo played in the water, we’re talking about Bike Polo. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t come with any snobbery or any chance of drowning. However, it does come with an illustrious history, given it has been around for over a century. The reason for its recent resurgence though is simple, it is a seriously competitive and, at times ferocious sport, when played on fixed-gear bikes. That is the only difference between polo and bike polo; the lack of horses. But in terms of excitement, it is up there with the Super Bowl.

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