Tension is Building in Denver Broncos Dressing Room

aqib-talib-denver-broncos-2016The Denver Broncos had a cracking season at their last attempt thanks to winning the Super Bowl in style, but since then some of their performances have been questionable in the new season. It seems they have taken their foot off the gas and the tension is not only clear to see on the field, but there have also been rumors of bust-ups in the dressing room. After losing 16-3 to the New England Patriots, it was clear players wanted to get things off their chest and did just that with a heated discussion in the dressing room. The incident involved two players in offensive tackle Russell Okung and Aqib Talib who is a defensive back, and both were quite unhappy with what has been going wrong with their game.

Things were quickly broken up by head coach Gary Kubiak, but if things continue to go wrong for the Broncos it’s only a matter of time before things start to escalate further. It’s very easy done when you spend most of your life with your team mates though, so little bust-ups here and there aren’t anything to worry about, and both players have shown that by coming out to the media to say they have made amends.

The Tension Had Been Building for Weeks

Not only did Denver Broncos lose 16-3 at home to the New England Patriots, but their offensive problems were also obvious against the Tennessee Titans in week 14 when they only scored 10 points to Titans 13. The tension has been increasing with the offence and defense teams and if it wasn’t for the defense’s good displays in recent weeks, the scores could have been embarrassing. This is where the main problem is at the moment, because the defensive side are doing their job, but offensively they are not giving it their all.

Why are the Denver Broncos Struggling?

It’s pretty obvious that offensively the Broncos haven’t been up to scratch, and it’s lucky they have a good defensive game to save them from embarrassment on a weekly basis. It seems that the Denver Broncos are struggling when it comes to offensive turnovers and other mistakes, and it’s costing them dearly. If they can get into the same mood as they were last season, then there’s no reason why they can’t finish the regular season on a high.

Will the Denver Broncos Be Able to Get Their Season Back On Track?

Being super bowl champions last season to only be in with a slim chance of making the playoffs this season is really disappointing and it’s not surprising that tension has been building in the dressing room in recent weeks, but now players have had their lovers tiff it’s time for them to do what they do best, and that’s winning games. If you fancy the Broncos to bounce back over the next few weeks, have a look at the Best SkyBet offers for new customers and get yourself an offer that is hard to turn down.

In terms of a so far lackluster season, it’s time for the Broncos to get down to business and at least show their fans they’ve still got it in them ready to kick on in the next season. It’s looking highly unlikely anything will come from the regular season, unless they can beat the two leaders in the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders – but the form the Broncos are currently in would suggest these two tough games will be out of their reach unless they can come up with something special.

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